“Newlyweds: The First Year” recap (2.8): Great Expectations

We start off with Sam and Laura in their kitchen (actually, it looks like it’s really Laura’s kitchen), where they are making some kind of delicious cheesy bread. They talk about going home to visit Laura’s parents, and how seeing their niece Faye always gives Sam baby fever. We’ve been warned.

sam and faye

At the barbecue, Faye causes Sam to have baby fever, as expected. The family does their usual thing of asking Sam and Laura to have babies ASAP. Laura does her usual thing of saying no, and Sam looks disappointed that she’s not ready, as usual. Looks like things are at a standstill as long as Laura is not ready. But in the meantime, they are still chatting it up with fertility doctors to make sure they will be ready in the future. One day, when Laura wakes up and says, “OK! I’m ready” Sam will be able to just immediately start their baby process.

laura houseBBQ

At the doctor, Sam and Laura each get an ultrasound as part of a test to see if they are even able to get pregnant. The most horrifying thing about this is that they are finding this information out on TV. And we see them getting ultrasounds. I barely even let my doctor look at me, so this is pretty incredible stuff that they are letting all of America look at their uteruses.

laura ultrasoundultrasound

Luckily, we find out that Laura’s uterus is healthy, but in an ironic twist of events, Sam’s uterus might not be. She has two fibroids and the look on her face is heartbreaking. They explain she might need to get them surgically removed before she can get pregnant. It’s all getting very dark and sad.

bed convodog asleep

They retreat to their bed with their dogs, where they have all of their best conversations. Laura talks about how she still isn’t ready. She also talks about her memoir, which will mostly be about her life with Sam. Their dogs nap on the bed and it’s the cutest.

bad news

Returning to the fertility doctor two weeks later brings some bad news for Sam and Laura. Apparently, Sam has to have her fibroids removed and Laura has almost no eggs left. Oy. This is a serious pickle. There are a lot of different ways they could get around these issues, but it seems like Laura is still just trying to process it all—and still needs like three years before this conversation can continue. Sam tries to push her to take the doctor’s timeline seriously, but Laura ultimately says, “Can we be done with this conversation now?” Ahhh!

Guys, will they have a baby? How? When? It’s so stressful, and I’m not even in the relationship. They’ve got internal pressure (Sam lightly hinting to Laura to have a baby), external pressure (their families pushing them to have babies) and biological pressure (running out of eggs!) Meanwhile, most of the other couples on the show are pregnant and bragging about it. Sigh. I guess all we can do is wait for next week.