“Weird Loners” recap (1.6): Last Call at the Lezzy Bar!

Weird Loners ended its six episode first season with a queertacular finale that finally showcases Zara’s bisexuality. No word yet on a Season 2, so this may very well be the series’ swan song.


We open on the front stoop, where Zara is practicing her dart throwing skills by throwing candy into Eric’s mouth. Caryn comes out all dressed up for a date, and Stosh critiques her fashion choices. They invite her out to the darts tournament at the lesbian bar, Truck Stop (#RIP), but she leaves for her date.

we1And if I aim correctly, I’ll get the sucker right in her cleavage

We then head to Truck Stop, where Zara is partnered with her friend/ex April (Katie Aselton) for the tournament.  April sucks at darts, and Zara’s aggressive competitiveness drives her to quit. Zara can’t continue without a partner, so she recruits an oblivious Eric as the new butch on the block named Viper. Eric, who doesn’t even realize he’s in a lesbian bar, is happy to be playing darts and flirting.

we2‘Sup girl

Stosh finds Caryn at the bar, fresh off of getting lumped (dumped while getting laid). April joins them at the bar and they all do a round of shots.  When Stosh finds out that April is bi, he immediately starts hitting on her. There’s actually a funny bit of dialogue regarding that:

Stosh: …so one can assume your sexuality is of the bi variety?

April: No, I don’t like that word, I like who I like, and I think that sexuality is a very fluid thing and I just like to go with the flow.

Stosh: So you’re bi?

April: Yes.

The trio continue to do shots, while Erica/Viper kills at darts. They win the round and everyone cheers for Viper, including a nerdy queer who flirts with Eric. Meanwhile, Caryn and Stosh continue to chat up April. Stosh asks her out, and April agrees, but admits that she actually approached them to flirt with Caryn. In a drunken moment of competition, Cary asks April out and she says yes.

we3I wasn’t gay before, but Cara Delevigne made it look so fun!