“Once Upon A Time” recap (4.21): Mother of Dragons

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Regina’s mother killed her first love, Maleficent found out her daughter is alive and was Emma’s childhood friend, Zelena posed as Marian to get impregnated by Robin Hood to ruin Regina’s life, and all of a sudden everyone became obsessed with Happy Endings and Heroes vs. Villains and other things that were previously subtle nuances of the show but now is being shouted across town lines.

We begin a long, long time ago (or three months ago; you never know with this show) in the Enchanted Forest, where the Evil Queen is on a rampage. She finds people getting married on her property and rips the groom’s heart out. (Literally, not just because of her Evil Cleavage.) She might have put it back, but her father mentioned she might be overreacting because of what day it is and this pisses her off enough to kill the groom.

OUAT 421-1 I missed unabashedly evil Regina.

She leaves her father carriage-less and goes to Daniel’s grave, where she’s furious to find Cora, out of the looking glass and into Regina’s personal circle of hell.

Present-day, Robin Hood and Regina are trying to process everything that just happened. Robin is most concerned about poor Roland; if this doesn’t give the kid mommy issues, nothing will. Regina suggests a forgetting potion, so the kid will think he’s five when he’s seven, but at least he won’t remember all the time he spent with his fake mother. Regina feels bad about all this, since Zelena’s #1 motivation in life is making Regina miserable, but Robin Hood says she didn’t necessarily succeed. Things are just…complicated right now. Regina feels stupid for ever feeling hopeful, for ever thinking she can be happy, no strings attached.

OUAT 421-2Let me love you!

Emma and Lily look through Neal’s old things and Lily asks about him; Emma says he was a lot of things, but it doesn’t matter what, because he’s dead now.

OUAT 421-3 “I can do things that will make you forget men even exist.”

When Zelena is almost amused about the time she killed him, Emma launches at her but Zelena pretends to feel her baby kick to keep her at bay. Before Emma can turn her into a flying monkey, Regina storms in and tells everyone to pack up, they’re going to Storybrooke. Now.

In Storybrooke, Hook trots into Granny’s and sidles into a booth with Gold and the Author. He gloats that Emma’s on her way back and isn’t evil at all, which means Hook will get his happy ending and Gold won’t, because he needs Emma’s dark blood for the ink to work.

Gold is getting desperate, his heart fading fast, so he poofs himself and the Author off to make a plan.

When the crew arrives from New York, everyone is waiting in the streets of Storybrooke, Maleficent looking the most excited/expectant.

When Lily gets out of the car, she almost launches herself right at Mary Margaret and David, but unfortunately Emma steers her past them to meet her mother instead. Emma introduces Lily to Maleficent, Maleficent to her long lost daughter. Lily looks almost shy, a little outside her usual range of cold indifference to white-hot anger. Maleficent is overjoyed.

OUAT 421-4 And adorable.

Flashback to Regina yelling at Cora for showing up at Daniel’s grave on Daniel’s death’s anniversary. Cora tells Regina that she’s proud of who Regina has become while she was in Wonderland. Regina has beauty, strength, and power; all she needs now is love. Regina thought her mother believed love was a weakness but Cora knows better now. Cora says she met Tinkerbelle (who is looking a little pale these days) who told her about Regina’s soulmate. Cora wants to help Regina find him. With absolutely no ulterior motive. Nope, just pure motherly love here.