“Clipped” recap (1.3): Layers of Jealousy

A new week, a new episode of Clipped featuring Charmaine and her razor-sharp tongue. Actually, this week’s episode gives us a healthy dose of Char, so pop the bubbly folks.

But don’t bother pouring Charmaine a glass–girl is upset her tip jar isn’t quite full. Danni reasonably points out that she’d make more tips if she stopped insulting customers, but Charmaine doesn’t think that’s it at all. For the sake of my entertainment, I hope she never catches on.


Tips aside, Charmaine’s having a good day. She’s gotten out of hanging with Ben after work, plus she has a Spanish class at 8 with A.J. I’m not exactly sure why she wants to learn another language, so I’m just going to say it’s about bettering herself.

As for A.J.’s motives, Danni’s convinced she has his number. She calls him out as having a thing for Charmaine, which doesn’t surprise her because, “She’s got a sexy energy.” You got that right!


A.J.’s denials only spur her on. “So you’re telling me you’ve never noticed her hands? Charmaine’s got unbelievable hands.” And apparently she has a hot yoga body, flawless skin, and smells great, prompting me and A.J. to ask the same question–Danni, do you have a crush on Charmaine?

She’s like a dog with a bone and eventually she gets inside A.J.’s head. During his next study session with Charmaine, he starts noticing everything Danni pointed out. Charmaine politely dodges his weirdness, until he asks her what that is that makes her smell so good.

Write this one down: “Annoyance, by Charmaine.”


While we fortunately don’t get to see it, it turns out A.J. went one step further and tried to kiss her during their study date. Now she expects answers from Danni, who still insists on deflecting. Charmaine tells her as much.

When Danni gives in and finally asks for advice, Charmaine gives her two options:

  1. If it’s only sexual tension and there are no feelings involved, the “futon funk” it is.
  2. If you have feelings, jumping in bed with that person is the “worst thing” you could do. So don’t.


In all her wisdom, Danni picks door #2, meaning she’s just laid out the main conflict for the rest of the season. Which, okay, but more Charmaine-filled episodes like this please. Oh, and a hint of a lady friend any day now…

Make sure to check back in this time next week for another episode cut and style.