“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.03): A very special common connection

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Jane and Maura went on a romantic rowboat ride. Frankie cared for a beautiful Flour Baby. Everybody made fish jokes.

You know what’s scary? Murderers. You know what else is scary? Muumuus. You know what else is scary? Hummels. Hey, I didn’t say they were all equally scary. A young, harried-looking woman has hit the scary trifecta as she dusts some Hummmels while wearing a muumuu and being watched by a serial killer. She makes an incredibly weak attempt to escape. (Shaking a locked door handle does nothing; bust a window.) So, naturally, she winds up dead.


In yet another classic Rizzoli & Isles tonal shift, next we see Jane pouring herself a big old cup of coffee at Maura’s place. Late night, eh, Janey? Apparently it was because Maura is applying her makeup at the kitchen island. So, you know, everyone’s running a tad behind from the previous night’s activities.

Jane asks if her mom is around. See, now this is something you ask before the previous night’s activities, Jane. Maura says she hasn’t seen her. Then they both agree they miss her. So they decide to have a mother-daughter-daughter-in-law evening with Mama Rizzoli. Jane suggests tickets to the Bruins game. Maura suggests Jello-shots and arm wrestling. Jane is so excited it almost seems mean to tell her Maura’s kidding.


A deflated Jane asks what kind of girl’s night Maura has in her head instead. Jane asks if that means wine tasting and waxing with a face that says she has done just those things with her girlfriend–you know, while they were still in the courting phase. Maura lets her off the hook and suggests cooking dinner at home and then a movie. See how date nights evolve after six years?

Jane agrees to the plan, but only if Maura cooks. Maura agrees, but only if Jane does the dishes. Aw, you two. I know I should be mad at this perpetuation of traditional butch/femme gender roles, but mostly I just think it’s cute when long-term couples know their strengths. 


Speaking of those traditional gender roles, Jane suggests Iron Man 3 and Maura wants something with more emotional resonance, like Terms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias. But Jane notes that those are both movies where the daughter dies. Geez, Maura, trying to hone in a little too much on Mama R, are we? I mean I know we haven’t seen your parents (adopted or biological) in, like, two seasons. But that seems like a bit much.

On cue, Mama R arrives. Her daughters tell her about the delightful evening they have planned for her. But she’s like, nah, I’ve got plans. Daughters inquire what plans and she is like, uh, cooking–French cooking. Hey, I’m no detective like Jane Rizzoli, but I can tell when someone’s lying. And that’s a whopper. Jane isn’t convinced either, but then the calls come in and it’s time for their signature synchronized “Rizzoli” and “Isles” phone greetings. But then Mama R’s phone rings too and she screws it all up with a, “Hey, hi!” Jane’s face is like, “Moooom, it’s not Rizzoli & Isles & Hey Hi. You’re ruining everything!” *stomps off and slams door*