“Mistresses” has Karen exploring bisexuality and polyamory

I gave up on Mistresses in Season 1, once Jos decided her relationship with Alex was a phase, but the show has continued even with the loss of star Alyssa Milano (who played Jos’s sister Savannah). Now Jos is dating Harry, Savi’s ex-husband. Basically it’s as soapy and scandalous as ever, which is why I’m not super shocked that last week’s episode (“Into the Woods”) had Karen (Yunjin Kim), a therapist, crossing boundaries with her patients yet again. (How does she still haver her license!?)

Karen has been trying to help Vivian (Sonja Bennettand her husband Alec reconnect, which turned into her crushing on Alec, and that apparently turned Vivian on. In the clip below, you can see how it turned into a threesome.

On tonight’s episode, “Threesomes,” Karen “deals with the aftermath of her scandalous encounter with Vivian and Alec, as they all try to figure out what this means for them moving forward.” The promo employs Demi Lovato‘s current Sapphic-tinged single, “Cool for the Summer.”

Here’s a clip from Karen talking with other couples, when she flashes back to her hot moment the night before.

While it seemed that Karen was interested in Alec before, now it’s curious as to if she is finding herself also attracted to Vivian, and how this will play out professionally and personally. But a spoiler for next week’s episode makes it sound like the couple is turning into a throuple, and Karen will be more involved than she ever considered. And just like that, ABC explores polyamory while Karen opens up her sexuality.

I have a feeling, though, that the struggle Karen will face is that she’s only wanting more from Alec and not his wife. Mistresses enjoys using sexual fluidity as a titillation tactic more than it does developing any kind of real relationships between two women. Which is exactly why I stopped tuning in.

Should you want to see how this storyline goes down, Mistresses airs tonight at 9/8c on ABC.