“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.04): Date night at the museum

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Mama Rizzoli tells Jane it’s OK to come out. Then Jane and Maura watch lesbian movies together. Oh, and they finally confirm who is the top and who is the bottom.

Jane is raiding Maura’s fridge in the morning. She gets really excited when she sees leftover fried chicken because she is a human person and human people love fried chicken. Mama Rizzoli comes in and tells her it’s rude to take food from people’s fridges without asking. Then they laugh and laugh and laugh because you’re allowed to steal whatever you want out of your girlfriend’s fridge whenever you want. Duh, Couple Rules.


Speaking of girlfriends, Maura walks in and finds Jane about to gorge herself on a delicious triglycerides sandwich. She tuts disapprovingly about proper breakfast nutrition, but quickly gives up because she knows no woman–not even a woman as perfect as Dr. Maura Isles–can come between Jane and crispy, crunchy chicken goodness. I mean, even she knows fried chicken is among the best cold breakfast foods around, surpassed only by pizza and leftover Chinese.

Jane inquires where the glorious morning feast comes from anyway–since she knows the one flaw of her otherwise perfect girlfriend is a decided lack of fried foods. Mama R confessed it came from a “new friend.” Immediately Jane goes into Det. Rizzoli mode and asks if it was a “man friend.” But Mama R surprises us all and says her secret chicken friend’s name is Joanne. Hold up, hold up. Is there another gay in the Rizzoli Village?


Jane and Maura immediately give Mama R’s fingernails a length check to confirm. But, alas, Joanne isn’t Mama R’s new LLBFF. She is the daughter of the man she is dating. Jane grills her on being so secretive about her private life and Mama R is like, “Hello, pot, have you met the kettle?” Maura agrees with her mother-in-law, but then realizes her inside thoughts accidentally became outside thoughts. Poor thing–always having to hold her tongue for Jane and that damn closet.

A stubborn Mama R refuses to tell them what her new man friend’s name is. She says she doesn’t want any interference in her personal life. Oh, hold on, I see what she’s doing here. If Jane wants to keep secrets, Mama R is going to keep secrets, too. Reverse psychology that shit and make her open up. Clever ploy, but will it work?


Yeah, probably not. Instead Jane wonders aloud if she should have her mother followed because that’s a good use of taxpayer money. Just kidding, all she cares about is that chicken drumstick. Maura looks at her girlfriend and smiles in spite of herself because that’s what you do when your girlfriend does something you disapprove of but is so cute you must forgive immediately. Their phones ring and it’s time for their signature synchronized “Rizzoli” and “Isles” greetings, this time with slightly greasy fingers.


On the way to the crime scene Jane continues making chicken jokes and Maura continues to give her a bemused look of love. Jane then tasks her girlfriend with snooping on her mother’s new boyfriend. Again, the things we do for our girlfriends.