Natasha Lyonne on “Addicted to Fresno,” reuniting with Clea DuVall and Nicky Nichols’ backstory

Natasha Lyonne has been a queer icon throughout most of her career, largely thanks to Jamie Babbit‘s casting her in But I’m a Cheerleader, the out director’s 1999 dark comedy about a lesbian who is made to attend an ex-gay conversion camp. In Jamie’s new film Addicted to Fresno, Natasha stars as Martha, a lesbian who is perfectly happy with her life in a town that everyone else seems to hate. She doesn’t mind her job as a hotel maid and spending her free time chasing around an unavailable straight girl. But when her sex addict sister Shannon (Judy Greer) moves in, Martha’s life is shaken in what turns out to be a very necessary way, including a romance with Aubrey Plaza.


Addicted to Fresno made it’s LA premiere at Outfest this weekend, where we spoke with Natasha about her new role and reuniting on screen with best friend Clea DuVall among a roomful of dildos, as well as shooting her Orange is the New Black character’s backstory in Season 3.

Addicted to Fresno will be available on VOD on September 1 and in select theaters beginning October 2.