A new lesbian moves to “Hollyoaks”

While Sarah and Zoe are still acting intense around one another, but not following up on their one-night stand, it seems as if another lesbian is in need around Hollyoaks. Quick! Someone hire a short-haired, plaid button-down and leather coat-wearing hipster type with unisex appeal!

AfterEllen.com readers Flistopher and Sparkfire let us know that the UK’s Channel 4 is reporting that the character of Lydia, an out lesbian music journalist, will become part of the soap opera beginning March 4. The actress Lydia Kelly said of her character:

She’s very down to earth. She knows exactly what she wants, where she wants to go, and how to get there! She’s also very level-headed.

Kelly also said that she was so excited about getting the part, she didn’t believe her agent when she received the call. Here’s hoping that means that the part is actually a good one, and Kelly isn’t just glad to have a job.

Although there hasn’t been any mention of Lydia interacting with either Sarah or Zoe at this point, we do know that Lydia becomes friends with Josh, whose girlfriend, Amy, becomes jealous of — until, of course, Lydia says, “Guys, I’m a lesbian!” Sighs of relief all around.

Hollyoaks fans, how do you feel about the addition of Lydia? Do you think she will have anything to do with Sarah and Zoe questioning their sexualities and/or their feelings for one another?<?p>