“Clipped” recap (1.8): I Dos and Hairdos

There are two main plot points on Clipped this week–Buzzy’s struggles with his gambling addiction, and Joy’s doubts about her marriage–and this is all happening as the Doyle sisters prep for their cousin’s wedding. Suffice it to say, this was not a Charmaine-heavy episode. It really is a pity, because with only two episodes left and no second season confirmed yet, we could all use as much Charmaine as possible.

But onto the episode that was. Char, Danni and Joy are helping the Doyle sisters get ready for the wedding by doing their hair and makeup. Charmaine clearly did not volunteer for this gig, but at least she’s being a good sport about it. (Well, as much as you can expect her to be.)


As is typical of sitcoms, all the women start getting doe-eyed over the topic of weddings, including Charmaine. I forgive her, however, because of what she says next:

“I want to marry a rich guy who is tall, dark and handsome. Or a rich girl who’s short, blonde, and pretty.”

Danni’s short, blonde, and pretty. What? I’m just saying! But seriously, all these episodes later, even that simple statement feels like a gift. Charmaine, you had a girl worried!

And with good reason, since the “revelation” surprises even the Doyle sisters. When one asks if she’s bi, she responds, “Yeah I’m bi. Imma marry whoever buys me more stuff.” Right, because being rich is the common factor here.

Which reminds me: Darn it, Danni! You’re going to really have to start moving up in the world. Splitting tips just won’t do it.


But this much more fascinating storyline exists only in my head. The real episode went down like this: Joy doesn’t think she can count on her husband Bart and asks Mo for advice, while hinting at some feelings for him. And, even though he’s always been head over heels for the girl, he tells her she should talk things through with Bart before making any decisions. Meanwhile, Buzzy’s been losing at the poker table and it’s been causing his checks to bounce. When the guys find out that his gambling is getting in the way of him paying for his mom’s medication, all of them except Ben decide to throw the game. Well, by episode’s end Joy has decided to try and make things work with her husband, crushing Mo’s heart in the process, and eventually even Ben’s heart thaws enough that he throws his poker hand too. And because a gambling addiction is a serious problem and winning only makes you think you’re hot shit, Buzzy agrees to go to Gamblers Anonymous meetings. Leave it to sitcoms to nicely wrap up life’s woes in under 30 minutes.

In sum, points deducted from Clipped for underusing Charmaine in this episode, but points rewarded to Charmaine for bringing the wit whenever she got some camera time.

That’s all for this week. Do check back in next week for what I can guarantee will be more recapping than ranting.