Haley Ramm on Brenna’s love life and the inevitable return of Greer

As April’s bisexual younger sister, Brenna, on Chasing Life, Haley Ramm is one of the reasons we can’t stop watching the ABC Family show. In Season 1, she was an angsty teenager dealing with her older sister’s cancer diagnosis as well as her feelings for a female classmate, Greer. In Season 2, she’s trying to move past heartbreak and into a more positive phase of her life, which includes two new love interests in Margot and Finn.

We spoke with Haley about working with Leisha Hailey (who played Margot’s ex-girlfriend on a recent episode) and her idea of the hottest woman in the world.


AfterEllen.com: What a fun arc you have this season. Were you excited when you saw what they had set up for you?

Haley Ramm: Yes, so excited. When I first had my meeting with all of the writers in the beginning of the season like we do to find out what’s going to be happening in the upcoming season, they told me a lot of things. It’s nice to be really busy and feel like your character is really busy. It was nice to know that Brenna was going to be doing a lot this season. I think my favorite thing about it was just kind of seeing her grow up a little bit. That kind of coincides with my life, too, like I feel I’ve grown up a lot in the past year and so has Brenna. It was just all around fun and tons of love.


AE: Some fans are upset that Greer is gone.

HR: Who isn’t? I mean, I’m upset. I love her!

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AE: So is there any chance she can return?

HR: Yeah! We can’t go a whole season without seeing Greer. She’s so lovable. I’m not going to tell you when. It might be soon, and it might be like the very last possible minute.


AE: Well that could cause some drama because Brenna has a new relationship in her life with Margot.

HR: I was very excited because Aurora Perrineau, who played Margot, I’ve known her for four years, so I was just asking around set one day: “Who’s going to play Margot? I’m really excited. Just tell me!” And they showed me her audition tape and I was like, “No way! I KNOW her know her. This is so exciting!” It was nice to work with someone I’d known for a while and kind of already have that chemistry with. And she’s super talented. I think it’s something Brenna needed after Greer to, I guess, get over Greer, to put it lightly. She’s hard to get over. That was pretty much Margot’s purpose.

ABC Family's "Chasing Life" - Season Two

AE: You got to work with Leisha Hailey. Did you ever watch her on The L Word?

HR: When The L Word was on, I knew about it but I was too young to watch it. I think I was probably 12. It was one of those shows where I’d walk in the room and my parents would be like, “Okay!” But now, I want to get into it. I’ve heard really good things about it and Leisha Hailey was so talented, so sweet. Just so much fun. It was really exciting to have her and I think the fans really liked her, too.


AE: She wasn’t very nice to you on-screen.

HR: No! But she’s the biggest sweetheart. We laughed about it a bunch.


AE: Brenna is bisexual. Will she be dating any guys?

HR: Yes, actually. This season, she meets a new guy who I’m pretty sure everyone’s already met by now—it’s Finn. They kind of started up a little romance and it’s super sweet. It’s kind of their own little romantic love story and there’s a lot of Twilight jokes because he has cancer and they have the whole Edward/Bella dynamic going on. So it was really fun.


AE: What else can you tease for the rest of the season? Any surprises?

HR: Yes. There are, I think, two really huge surprises coming up and they get me every time. They make me so sad and it’s so bittersweet but, yeah, there are big things happening.


AE: We’re gearing up for our Hot 100. Who is your pick for the hottest woman?

HR: The hottest woman. Oh, that’s really hard! Alexa Chung is my girl crush. I like her. She has good vibes! But I think Robin Wright is, just because she holds herself so beautifully. She’s so poised and so strong. I was in the same room with her once and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Chasing Life airs Monday nights on ABC Family.