“Degrassi: Don’t Look Back” features a prominent lesbian storyline

By the good gay gods! It finally feels like summer in Canada now that I’ve watched this year’s Degrassi movie offering, Don’t Look Back. And while I can understand why many of you may believe we Canadians scheduled our travel plans around this event, I was watching with a purpose in mind: lesbian love!

Degrassi delivers yet again. Now don’t get me wrong, this show is cheesier than I ever remember it being (I still long for the days of Paige and Alex), but then again, my Degrassi glory days happened all the way back in high school, so who am I to speak for today’s teens? But lesbians on Canadian television? That I can speak to, and Degrassi’s Zoe (Ana Golja) and Grace (Nikki Gould) have given me plenty to write about.

At the beginning of the movie, these two don’t really mesh well. As in Grace would rock the hell out of a mesh top, but you wouldn’t ever catch Zoe wearing one.


Also, I would like to take this moment to note that if Tori and Jade from Victorious ever had a baby, it would look just like Grace. Seriously—dead ringer.

These two are in summer school because Zoe failed her science class and Grace wants to bump up her respectable B. After her gay buddy Tristan lets her know he won’t be partnering up with her, Zoe saddles up next to Grace, who reluctantly accepts her offer of being lab partners.

Unsurprisingly, Zoe’s not really getting this science thing, but that’s mostly because she’s not really trying to. So Grace devises a brilliant plan: trans cranial direct current stimulation. Basically it’s a form of electroshock therapy, which I highly advise against. But hey, Zoe gets an A on her next assignment so there must be something to it.

Think again! It’s only been proven as having a placebo effect, meaning Zoe is smarter than she gave herself credit for. Grace says as much, but Zoe’s mad at her for making her look like a fool in front of the class. But Grace wasn’t mocking her: she actually really believes in Zoe and has started to warm up to her, going so far as to invite her on the after school class trip.

The new science teacher, Mr. Bane, leads the trip. You know you’re supposed to feel suspicious about a guy when he shares a name with a Batman villain. Tristan suspects something’s off too, telling Zoe he must have the hots for her. But she doesn’t believe him, and comes up with a plan to prove him wrong.

Oh, boy. You know this won’t end well. Zoe’s plan is to wait until class is over to pull down her bra strap and ask Mr. Bane for advice on evening out her tan.


Thankfully he doesn’t try anything funny. But her actions have gotten her kicked off of participating in any afterschool science club activities. This crushes Zoe, mostly because it means she won’t be able to hang with Grace as much.

The news upsets Grace too, and she offers to help explain the situation to Mr. Bane because:

“I’d never last the summer without you. You’re the only remotely bearable person in that class.”

 Such a heartwarming declaration of love.

So they walk into class and when they don’t see gold old teach around, they decide to snoop around his office. There they see a photo of Gloria Chin, who’s gone missing (yeah, I “forgot” to mention that the main storyline of Don’t Look Back is Gloria’s and then Maya’s disappearance).

Obviously they need to get Nancy Drew all up in here, so they break into Mr. Bane’s car. And I’ll stop you right there with your preconceived notions about Grace–it was Zoe who picked the lock.

Anyway, the car is full of photos of missing girls and other creepy stuff. And then as these things go, Mr. Bane starts making his to the car and Zoe and Grace have to hide under a blanket together. And hold hands. For support.


They hold hands the entire drive and when it’s finally over and he leaves the car, they call the cops. But the next day in class an annoyed Mr. Bane lets everyone know the police decided not to pursue the investigation.