“Clipped” recap (1.10): Final Cut

Can you believe Clipped has already wrapped up for the season? It seems like it was just yesterday that I began my stakeout for the queer exploits of Charmaine Eskowitz, only to never really see them. Who knows what could’ve been if, instead of 10, it had been a 15-episode order. And with no word yet on the show’s renewal or cancellation, I have no idea what the future holds in store for Charmaine and the gang.

What I can discuss is this week’s season finale, which you all watched in order to ensure Clipped’s renewal (come on, it’s not Friends, but it’s a better show than One Big Happy).

In this episode, the barbershop crew get e-vites to their high school reunion (Buzzy, once again, gets left out in the cold). Everyone, except Charmaine, is excited about the “reminder that your childhood sucked.” Well said, Charmaine.


Char, why you so angry anyway? Is it perhaps because of that one time you and Mo tried out for the cheerleading squad and he got in and you didn’t? By the way, I love how everyone is only surprised about the fact that Charmaine would want to be involved with something so peppy, and not at all shocked to find out the cheerleaders picked Mo over her. And you better believe they all took the opportunity to get a jab in. The result is Charmaine in her natural state: not impressed.


Later when she shows up at the reunion rocking a suit yet again, suddenly I don’t find the situation so funny anymore. What a missed opportunity not having her on that squad was…

I’m not sure she’d agree with me though–not from the look on her face when the two Deb’s make their way to the group’s table. But hey, the feeling’s mutual. It’s truly shocking that Charmaine wasn’t a good fit for a team that favors white blonde girls with annoying voices.


It turns out the two Deb’s are putting on a cheer routine at the end of the night and want Mo to join them. After barely putting up a fight and getting Charmaine’s halfhearted approval, he accepts their invitation. But later when he gets the two Deb’s (why do I love saying that so much?!) alone, he does try talking them into letting Charmaine join. Unsurprisingly, they’re not having it. After he tries again and gets the same answer, his love for Charmaine speaks louder–he locks the two out!

When he gets on stage and calls Charmaine up, she pretends to refuse for like a millisecond. And thank goodness she doesn’t, because she owns the “sleeveless shirt with suspenders on” look. What could be better than that? The huge smile on her face.


So our last dose of Charmaine (for now, or possibly forever) ends on a happy note. Some other semi-important notes from this episode that might be good to remember in case there is another season? A.J. and Danni are definitely “on”; Ben is still a jerk, but he’s the group’s jerk; Joy’s not a complete doormat and Mo’s still pining away for her; and surprisingly they didn’t leave things off on the predictable cliffhanger of Buzzy suffering a heart attack. It’s all tiptop in the barbershop.

Now I probably don’t need to say it, but here I go anyway: Season 1 of Clipped was not great. But on average, I’d say it wasn’t bad either. It was just a new show tasked with finding its legs in 10 episodes. That’s a hard ask of any show on any network. Still, if there’s any hope for the show it’s that its cast does have good chemistry and that with David Kohan and Max Mutchnick (the creators of the much beloved sitcom Will & Grace) behind it, it could grow into something special. I hope it gets the chance, because I’d really like to see some more of Charmaine and her peeps.