“Mistresses” recap (3.11): Three Adults and a Baby

After watching last night’s episode of Mistresses, I am seriously hoping you all didn’t tune in to see a reunion of Joss and Alex, or the mention of Alex at all, because none of those things happened. Wait, I take that back: There was one brief mention when Joss said, “My spotty lesbionic past.” That was literally the extent of the Alex/Joss storyline. I’m really sorry, ladies. I, too, am disappointed. 


In other news, Karen finally tells Alec and Vivian that she is pregnant with their baby. They are both shocked and confused because Karen said she was on the pill, to which Karen says sometimes the pill doesn’t work (which, btw, Alec is a doctor so I am a little concerned he didn’t know the side effects of birth control). Karen tells them they can choose to be involved as much or as little as they want, it’s their choice, but she is keeping the baby. As Alec and Vivian are trying to absorb this shocking news, they start fighting about Alec never wanting a baby, to which Karen excuses herself and runs out the door. Good move, Karen.


Later that day, Vivian shows up at Karen’s door wanting to talk about the baby. She tells Karen she and Alec had tried to conceive a few years back and were unsuccessful. Vivian says she always thought she would be a good mother, to which Karen says, “You would be a wonderful mother.” During this scene, all I could think about was how much better this show would be if they would just be together without Alec and raise the baby. Vivian tells Karen that she absolutely wants to be a part of the baby’s life and that Alec will, too, once the shock wears off. Then she says they should raise the baby together under the same roof (uh, did Alec agree to this Vivian?). Karen is, of course, shocked at this proposal and doesn’t have an answer for Vivian right away, so she invites Karen over to their house for dinner later that night to discuss it and Karen agrees.

mistresses-vivian mistresses-karen

By late afternoon,  Karen is driving to pick up April so they can go visit Joss in prison when she sees Vivian getting a little to close to a man, who is not Alec. GASP! This is a problem for Karen, obviously, and she tells April and Joss she thinks having them be a part of the baby’s life might be a bad idea since their marriage is so rocky.


That night, Karen arrives at Vivian and Alec’s house to basically tell them she is not interested in raising the baby together because it is just too complicated. Before Vivian and Alec really get a chance to say anything other than, “Karen, please come in and let’s talk about this,” Karen runs off. AGAIN. (BTW, ending every scene with someone running away is getting a little old, ABC).

Basically Vivian follows Karen back to her place to try and reason with Karen. When she asks Karen what happened from this morning to now, Karen says she saw Vivian having lunch with another man and it looked “emotional.” Vivian smiles rather weirdly at Karen and says, “Yes, I was having lunch with someone but he is a friend. However, Alec does not know about it.” Then she drops the bomb. “Karen, I am sick again.” END SCENE.


There are several scenarios that could play out in this storyline (you already know what I want to happen), but I am seriously hoping they are not going to kill off Vivian, leaving Alec and Karen to raise the baby. During the entire show, I am constantly on edge that somehow Vivian will be cut out and Alec and Karen will get together. I can’t live like this!

We have two episodes left in Season 3, so stay tuned. 

Mistresses airs on Thursdays at 9pm on ABC.

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