Morning Brew – Miley’s new album has a song about lesbian sex

Good morning!

Check out this hot new cover of Out with Julianne Moore and Ellen Page.


Miley Cyrus talks about her identity and new album with the New York Times. Her track “Bang Me Box” is about sex with a woman.

“I feel very gender-fluid. For a long time I didn’t understand my own sexuality. I would get really frustrated and think I’d never understand what I am, because I can’t even figure out if I’m feeling more like a girl or boy. It took me talking to enough trans people to realize that I didn’t ever have to decide on one.”

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

A gay male couple and a lesbian couple tried to share a baby. In this case, it didn’t work out so well, and now the legal system is involved.

Meanwhile, other lesbian moms are parenting while also running Portland’s annual food festival, Feast.

This week’s Catfish had another lesbian twist.

Elaine Atwell will be live-tweeting the return of Faking It tonight so join her using #realingit.

The Architects Journal surveyed construction workers and found the industry is still pretty homophobic.

The Ozark Land Holding Association is a lesbian-only commune in Arkansas and they’re currently looking for eight new members. Tell them I sent you!

USA has cancelled Complications. Boo.

Pope Francis blessed Francesca Pardi, an Italian lesbian children’s author whose books had been banned from public schools. She wrote on her Facebook page:

Fact one: I received a letter that was written on behalf of Pope Francis. Fact two: the Vatican has confirmed to me that my letter had been read. Fact three: I was told that the gift of the books and the letter were a delicate gesture and that they appreciated the sentiments.  Fact four: it was expressed that we continue our activities in the service of the younger generation and dissemination of human and Christian values. Fact five: it is a private expression of respect for us and for our business. Fact six: Meri and I have received the apostolic blessing. These are the facts.  The rest are interpretations.”

This is a sweet best man speech from a guy who is best friends with two gals that just got married.

Anthony Horowitz is working on the new James Bond book and says he’s bringing back Pussy Galore as the lesbian character she was intended to be.

A New Zealand web series called Pot Luck seeks a “shy butch with a heart of gold.” If you live in Wellington, that could be you!

Julie Goldman is not a fan of Billy Cosby, and has very specific ideas about what he should do next.

Liz Cheney continues to stands by her dad.

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