“Chasing Life” recap (2.9): Hell’s Angel

Previously on Chasing Life, April started a new trial, Uncle Doctor George shadily shred his brother’s manuscript, and Brenna started falling for Finn even though they’re doomed to never be able to truly be together or else Finn will lose his soul and become a—wait, no. He’ll just get sick.

Some time has passed since Leo’s funeral; enough for his will to be processed and delivered to April. She inherited lots and lots of money, plus Leo’s motorcycle. She wants to give the money away, but Sara assures her Leo would have wanted her to be comfortable, financially. Sara asks April if she needs to talk to someone, since she’s been staying at Beth’s, but April isn’t interested in therapy.

April and Beth go for a stroll around Boston, and Beth kindly suggests perhaps April find a new place with her new money. April apologizes and thanks her for letting her crash; she just can’t deal with mother smother right now. April asks about how Beth is doing, but doesn’t even listen long enough to hear Beth deflect the question because she gets distracted by shoes her and Leo used to mock. She decides, spur of the moment, that Louboutins would be a perfect way to thank Beth for her friendship and spend some of her new money.

Chasing Life 209-1Charity shmarity!

April meets her mom at her doctor’s appointment, and her new doctor is straight-out-of-a-soap-opera sexy. (Also he looks like he could be an Amell with those eyebrows.) Sara flails around like a blushing schoolgirl, but April is non-plussed. She’s a little plussed by the fact that her new trial involves a pill, an injection, then another pill, twice a day, but she’s willing to do anything to survive.

Sara compares the new doctor to all the dead hot docs of Grey’s Anatomy, then suggests maybe April goes back to support group. April doesn’t hate that idea, especially if it means not having to describe George’s final 007 scene to her mother.

Brenna, noticing Finn wasn’t in school, brings Finn his homework assignments, and is greeted by Finn’s mother, who seems sweet, and the voices of his two younger brothers, who seem like the literal spawn of Satan.

To make a sweet moment cute, Brenna busts Finn watching Gilmore Girls.

Chasing Life 209-2 I know, I shipped Rory and Paris, too.

He says his donor cells are attacking his body, and the meds his doctors gave him are doing nothing to quell the side effects, but he’s remaining optimistic. The only thing he’s down about, currently, is that he’s going to miss Brenna’s short debuting at a local film festival. He suggests inviting Ford, or any of LGBTQUIALMNOP friends, but Brenna doesn’t want to “subject” anyone to her film—she’s self-conscious about it and would rather fly solo.

They’re kind of adorable, I won’t even lie. (Also did you see him on last night’s Faking It? With hair! It was weird.)

April takes her mother’s advice and goes to her cancer support group, but she can’t deal with sun will come out tomorrow BS when the grass hasn’t even started growing over her husband’s grave. Her bored eyes wander to her new killer heels and the keys to Leo’s motorcycle and decides that she’s going to go on a one-woman mission to join her husband in the afterlife.

Chasing Life 209-3Live hard, die young, bad girls do it well.

Either Leo taught her enough to not die riding the bike in stilettos, or she’s one lucky son of a gun, because she somehow makes it home in one piece. She offers Brenna a pair of Louboutins, but Brenna says they’d clash with her flannel and probably get her stabbed with a stiletto knife at Public School. April finally offers to enroll Brenna at Charon again but it’s like half a semester too late and Brenna doesn’t feel like wearing that uniform again if she doesn’t have Greer to take it off her.


Sara comes home and is happy to see April, though sad to hear she didn’t feel very supported in support group. She suggests group therapy, but April would rather go on a one-episode bender instead.

Doctor Uncle George is going back to California, but first Brenna has a favor to ask him. She wants him to help Finn, and since Finn’s illness is his specialty, he’s more than happy to help.