Gillian Anderson, Amy Acker, Hayley Atwell and Neve Campbell answer our super gay questions at FanExpo

If you haven’t heard, Fan Expo Canada is basically Toronto’s version of San Diego Comic-Con. This four-day event attracts over 125,000 people from around the world, but, more importantly, it’s a fangirl’s dream come true. This year Fan Expo ran from September 3 to 6, and I had the pleasure of attending for the very first time–and as a “professional fangirl” to boot!

I arrived tasked with a very important mission: find some ladies the AfterEllen community loves and report back on all the juicy stuff that made you squeal.  

Now because I have not yet mastered the ability of being everywhere at once, I couldn’t get to all your favorites (sorry Ming-Na Wen and Jeri Ryan!). But I do bring you goodies from Neve Campbell, Gillian Anderson, Hayley Atwell, and Amy Acker. We good?

Before we get there, let me take a moment to acknowledge that no, I can’t provide video footage of the Carmilla panel (you probably already found it on YouTube anyway…). I will say this though, Sam Maggs (author of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy) was a brilliant choice of host, that live script reading was the bomb, Carmilla fans ask the best questions, and I have never seen so many teenage lesbians in one room in my life.

Carmilla Panel 1

Back to our scheduled programming–Neve Campbell! I know many years have gone by since Wild Things came out in 1998, but the girl has still got it. The mood in the room was a bit somber, as Scream director Wes Craven’s recent passing is still fresh in the minds of the franchise’s stars and fans. Fortunately the power of fandom always means fun is just a few awkward questions away.

An interesting note: Neve hasn’t seen the Scream TV series, meaning she’s yet to witness Bex Taylor-Klaus kill it as Audrey. And with that revealed, I was able to segue into what was probably the most out of left field question she got that day (only because it was a Scream panel, where the weird becomes the normal and vice versa). The question: would she play queer again?

“I think I’ve played homosexual or bisexual about five times already,” she said. “So I obviously don’t have an issue around it. It’s just as long as the character is well-rounded and comes from truth, and is something that someone out there will be able to relate to or take something from–then that pleases me.”

Neve 1

Staying with creepy genres, I also got to listen in on Gillian Anderson of The X-Files fame. Hats off to my fellow fangirls for asking the important questions this time around (speaking of hats, Gillian auctioned off a hat for charity signed by her, David Duchovny, and X-Files creator Chris Carter for $1,000 CAD–after she wore it and rubbed it all over herself).

First off, before any annoying guy could, a lady fan of Gillian’s asked her out (it’s not as cringe-worthy because she volunteers with cheetahs and, as such, is a super cool person). Her response: “Thank you. I’m very flattered.” Ladies, Gillian Anderson is not hostile to the question! I repeat–she is NOT hostile to the question!

And then another amazing woman had the brilliant idea to ask her if Dana Scully and Stella Gibson from The Fall would make good partners. Gillian started by answering that Stella could teach Scully a thing or two about drinking, which, yes, but then she interrupted herself by asking, “As in life partners, or as in working partners?” Whichever you want Gillian! Though now that you mention it, life partners! Just answer the question! “They actually might make good life partners.” And with that, a new fanfic pairing is born.

Juicy additional note: Gillian revealed that out actress Cynthia Nixon and Jill Hennessy (hello Chutney Popcorn!) both auditioned for the role of Scully. Do what you will with this information.

GAnderson 1