The Huddle: Lesbian/bi characters we want to be best friends with

So often, we’re talking about what characters we’re crushing on, or the ones we want to see get it in with another (female) character. But this week, we’re asking about who you’d love to have as your right hand woman. What lesbian/bisexual character would you like to be best friends with?

Miranda Meyer: I wanna babysit for the Verger-Bloom family, and I don’t even like babysitting. I just wanna wallow in the cutting wit and the #aesthetic


Lucy Hallowell: While I would love to hang out with Tasha from The L Word and just talk about how fucking crazy all the women on that show were, I think my best shot at making an actual friend would have to be Paige McCullers. She and I would have had a ball as college roomies being awkward, saying the wrong thing, and head-dipping our way to out-of-our-league girlfriends while wondering how the hell we got so lucky.

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Bridget McManus: Emma from Blue is the Warmest Color because I love to attend art openings and have lavish friend-filled dinner parties.


Erin Faith Wilson: I would love to be friends with Alice from The L Word. She is just an all around fun person with a goofy personality, which I love. And she was always a good friend!

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Chloë: Helena Peabody. She’d pay for everything. ​

Daniela Costa: As long as it’s okay to want to sleep with your friends, I’m going with Dr. Lauren Lewis. Remember in season 4 of Lost Girl when we discovered she’s a Star Trek fan, action figures and all? We could totally be geek out together.


Dorothy Snarker: I’d like to be friends with Luce from Imagine Me and You. And then I’d inevitably have to become friends with Rachel as well. And then I could silently stew about how Rachel isn’t really good enough for Luce. And then dream of going on Dance Dance Revolution dates with her instead. Also there would probably be a lot of free flowers.
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Dana Piccoli: I, too, would like a bestie from Imagine Me and You, but it would be Edie. She’s understanding, a total laugh riot and has a most excellent accent. I really need a friend who says, “tanks” instead of “thanks” because it just delights me to no end.
Kim Hoffman: Syd, from Transparent. It’s Carrie Brownstein‘s bisexual character who is BFF/on the possible verge of more with Ali, Gaby Hoffmann‘s character. I would just put myself in the middle of that and hope we can work out a triangular best friend situation. Maybe we pick up a necklace from Claire’s Accessories that allows us to break “best” “friends” and “forever” among us.
Trish Bendix: Tess from Lip Service. She’s a good time gal who is always down to go to the local lez bar. Also, I love how dramatic actresses are IRL.
Chelsea Steiner: Willow Rosenberg from the Buffyverse, obvs! We’d nerd out over books, tea, cats, and cast magic spells together. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? “Casting spells”? She’d help me defeat the forces of evil and I’d help her get over her obsession with fuzzy sweaters and Ren Faire dresses: it’s a win-win! And if Faith wants to swing by and hang out…I have no problem with that. 
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Valerie Anne: Cosima, for sure. We’d have to make sure there was nothing breakable in a 5ft radius when we geeked out together, as we both talk with our hands, but I think we’d have some really great conversations. Maybe we’d make some crazy science together, who knows. I also think an older version of Emily Fields and I would get along really well, but I very much like being alive so it would be better for my health to avoid friendship with her.
Laura Zak: Ditto to Cosima. I’d love to get stoned together and make her talk to me about science. And then make out, because that’s what BFFs do, right? 
Dara Nai: Brittany S. Pierce. Her mind is a meadow.
Elaine Atwell: I would like River Song to be my best friend, even though I understand and accept that she would eventually get drunk and strand me on another planet/dimension. It would still be worth it. 
 What character do you think would make a great best friend?