“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.2): Hail to the Chief

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy, two baby lesbians broke our hearts (and Callie’s), Arizona struggled to find a roomie, Meredith and Amelia broke through literal and metaphorical walls, and Bailey finally ascended to Chief. This episode was light on the Callie and Arizona action but they did have a moment, which we will discuss in a moment. This was Miranda Bailey’s episode though, so let’s give the Chief her due.

Bailey’s Not-So-Perfect Day

In Bailey fashion, the newly appointed Chief wants her first day to be the most perfect day a chief has ever had. Because this is Grey’s Anatomy, we know that it will be actually be a disaster, but don’t tell Bailey that. She’s so obsessed with being in charge, that she totally misses the party that Richard had set up for her. There was cake, Bailey! Cake! She sets her sights on a patient named Jade, who is over seven feet tall, and suffering from dizziness and injuries from a tumble.

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Bailey diagnoses a pituitary tumor, which Amelia confirms. All would be taken care of with a quickness, but Jade is in the middle of the most important project of her career and gives Bailey four hours to figure out how to treat her and get her back on her feet in a week.

This is no small task, but Bailey reacts to the word “impossible” like others respond to the word “moist”—she hates it. She tasks Amelia, Maggie, Callie and Jackson with figuring it out, despite their objections. Even Ben feels the heat. Unfortunately, Jade decides to leave before the docs come up with a plan. Jo attempts to stop her but the dizzy Jade ends up falling on Jo, and injuring herself further.

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The docs rush Jade to the OR, but it’s problem after problem and Bailey is feeling the heat. Feeling like she’s failed, she refuses the engraved stethoscope that Richard gifts her. When she confesses that she plans to resign, Richard gives one of his epic pep talks. No day will ever be perfect, and instead of trying to control everything, she needs to trust the talented doctors to do their jobs.

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This includes Meredith, who Bailey dumped all of her surgeries on and basically treated poorly that day. Meredith tells Bailey that she deserves more respect than that, and it makes a big impact on Bailey. Meredith is someone she can count on, and she asks Meredith to be her Chief of General Surgery. It’s a wonderful moment between these two who have been through so much together. Meredith will shine in this role and Bailey needs a good man in a storm by her side.

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Bailey apologizes to the other docs, and promises to be better the next day. They trust in Bailey, so they know she means it. Jade also wakes up with no major cognitive issues and Bailey is overjoyed.

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