“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.3): Rise

Meredith’s less-than-ideal contract

Everyone at Meredith’s is excited about her promotion, which makes their house full of LadyChiefs. While Amelia gets naked in the backseat (yes!), Maggie looks over Meredith’s contract (uh oh) and makes a face. Meredith notices, but Maggie won’t tell her why she grimaced.

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The same thing happens when Callie looks over the contract, but Callie doesn’t mince words. The salary Meredith is being offered is crazy low. Way lower than her own. Richard overhears, because he is everywhere.

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Later, the LadyDocs gather for wine, and they all discuss how Meredith is being low-balled. Amelia tells her that men demand what they are worth all the time. Thank god for the LadyDocs.

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Later on, Richard confronts Bailey about offering Meredith less than she deserves, but before he starts mansplaining, she cuts him right off. She knows what she’s doing, and she has been nothing but an advocate for the women at this hospital. Hell, she knows what it is like to be overlooked and underestimated her whole career. She trusts that Meredith learned from her, and she knows that Meredith will come to her and ask for what she deserves. She wants Meredith to rise. Not gonna lie, this Bailey speech gave me a bit of an emotional lady boner. This episode was classic Grey’s in so many ways, full of amazing speeches and surprising character moments.

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Meredith does exactly that. She goes into Bailey’s office and tells her that she’s earned this position and she deserves more than what was offered. Bailey asks her for a figure and agrees to it. She’s also proud as hell of Meredith for advocating for herself. Meredith may have lost so much when Derek died, but this season will be about new growth for her.

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