“Lost Girl” recap (5.14): Somewhere over the rain-Bo

Previously on Lost Girl: Daddy Hades kills Grandpa Trick and Mommy Aife. Daddy Hades raped and impregnated Tamson. Daddy Hades causes Bo to go into catatonic shock. Guess everyone finally figured out Daddy Hades is, you know, evil incarnate.
We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of…whoa, what the fuck is happening? Bo wakes up in gingham and pigtails. So already we know shit is gonna be strange. I mean, you heard me say “pigtails,” right? All around her is a black-and-white world. It looks like her world–that silk-wrapped bedpost and her flouncy flowered robe. But it’s not quite right. Again, you heard me when I said Bo is wearing gingham, right? Freaky.
Hey, remember the last time Bo wore gingham? Yeah, she went home and attended a Cherry Festival. Shudder. 
Black-and-white Bo tries to call Lauren, but gets the Hotpants voicemail. Also, the doctor’s voicemail greeting is as professional and brief as you would imagine. I hope she calls Tamsin next to confirm my theory that her greeting is just fart noises and hysterical laughter. But instead she calls Dyson, who doesn’t even have voicemail set up. Yep, that sounds about right, too.
Bo gets into her big gray muscle car and drives to figure out what the hell is going on. But traffic is stopped because, well, everyone is gone. Hold up, are we suddenly watching The Leftovers? Bo/Dorothy declares herself not in Kansas anymore, but she is in a pretty impressive mini-film noir.
Back in the Technicolor world, a shrine to Trick has been erected in Bo’s bedroom. OK, slightly awkward placement, but I’ll allow it on account of Bo currently being in a coma. Lauren, Dyson and a very pregnant Tamsin are all there watching over her. 
The team enacts the buddy system–saying no one leaves the house without each other. Didn’t they try that already–and fail? Lauren tells them they need to interact with Bo–voices, touches, smells, sounds could trigger something in her. So everyone but Tamsin promptly leaves Bo to do other things. Man, I love all these guys, but they are terrible at listening to their own potentially life-saving instructions.
Flashback into Bo/Dorothy’s coma brain and she is narrating her own terrible decision to go down a creepy alley. But instead of a terrible monster, she runs into Business Tamsin, who promptly maces her in the face. Bo is confused, and her eyes burn. But Business Tamsin insists she is not Tamsin, but a real estate developer named Thomasina. Hey, did you know the name “Thomasina” is often shortened to “Tamsin” for a nickname? I see what you did there, writers.
Meeting Business Tamsin/Thomasina convinces Bo she is dreaming while standing up. With that Business Tamsin/Thomasina drops yet another horse hint about Bo. We get it, the Pyrippus is coming and stuff.