Mimi’s golden moments on Episode 4 of “Empire”

Lesbian billionaire Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei) made a return to Empire last night on the fourth episode, “Poor Yorick.” And because Mimi is so rich, she enjoys wearing a lot of gold. We first catch up with her in the Empire board room, where she’s joining Lucious in assuring Jamal and the rest of the people we never meet or have anything to say that despite the FBI raid, they should continue kicking ass on schedule.

That means no canceling of Jamal’s Rolling Stone cover. Also, Cookie and Lucious have come to a truce for the time being, and Jamal and Hakeem will put aside their differences and work on a music video together. Mimi is on set that day, telling Lucious why she was so interested in investing in Empire—because she had cancer and after she went into remission, she wanted to do something fun. When Cookie shows up, she is not thrilled to see “Whitebitch,” which, in true Cookie fashion, she makes sure everyone knows. 

“So, what, ya’ll and k.d. lang best friends now?” Cookie asks Lucious. And because I enjoyed this so much, I made this into a gif.


Truly, if Mimi is going for any kind of look in this episode, it’s a little k.d. lang meets Elvis. But yes, Lucious loves Mimi because she’s rich. Duh.

But the real drama is between the brothers, as Hakeem and Jamal are too upset with one another to work on a video about banding together to fight police brutality and end up fighting one another. (And no one saw that coming, right?) 

The rest of the episode had a lot to do with the murders that both Andre and Lucious committed in Season 1, and Michael rolling his eyes a lot as the Rolling Stone photographer fawns all over Jamal.

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And we were left with this image until next week.