“Rosewood” recap (1.4): A Plus

Unlike last week, this week’s episode of Rosewood showed us more of the cute lesbian couple TMI and Pippy—which, lez be honest—is the only reason most of us are still watching this show.

The opening act starts off with us witnessing someone vandalizing Rosie’s billboards all over town, and then cuts to a man walking out of a bar who collapses and dies, right there on the street. We then cut to Rosie’s house, where he and Pippy are finishing up the details of their mother Donna’s surprise retirement party. Sadly, their mom finds out about the party and rushes over to the house to tell them she canceled it, bringing a male stripper to make them feel uncomfortable. (She hates surprises.) The look on Pippy’s face when the stripper starts taking off his shirt: priceless. 


Turns out, the dead man on the street is the son of a prominent real estate mogul in Miami. The dead man’s father wants to hurry up and bury his son and get the press out of his hair, but—of course—Detective Villa has other plans and heads to Rosie’s lab to find out how this guy really died. Between TMI, Pippy and Rosie, they tell Detective Villa that there was some type of chemical in his system and made it look like it was a cardiac issue. And now Rosie suddenly becomes a Detective and is on the hunt with Detective Villa.



Aside from fighting crime as a pathologist, Rosie receives a letter in the mail (which TMI opens on accident and then Pippy rips it out of her hand to read it. Rude!) from an anonymous ex-girlfriend, saying that the person who is vandalizing his billboards is actually his teenage son, whom he had no idea existed. Although this is disturbing news for Rosie, TMI is thrilled at the idea that Rosie’s “little fishies” can swim (yes, that was the actual thing she said and we all cringed), in case she and Pippy want to borrow some in the future.


In order to find out how exactly the dead man on the street died, Detective Villa and Rosie start to question everyone who he came into contact with him close to his death, including his cardiac doctor, who is acting like a shady ASSHOLE and Rosie immediately voices his opinion that the doctor killed him. Although the Captain of the police force is telling them to stop nosing around because the father wants to bury his son and move on with his life, they continue to search for further evidence against the doctor.

Rosie then tells his girlfriend Kat that he might have a son out there and he needs to go visit some of his exes and get to the bottom of it. His girlfriend is cool with idea of going together to meet these exes. How convenient that she needs to be involved. When they meet the first ex, Kat is so overcome with jealousy because the ex is “an A plus,” she says. “Hell, even I’d date her.” YES PLEASE!


After talking to more of his exes (sans Kat), he and Detective Villa continue to search for evidence against the doctor, even though they have been warned otherwise. The police go to the lab to retrieve the body but TMI, Pippy and Rosie decide to meet at Rosie’s (because if they aren’t there, they can’t take the body!) While they are working, Donna walks in the house insisting that Rosie find his son and bring him into their lives. TMI attempts to shut her up, which we all know to never try and shut up your soon-to-be mother-in-law! Donna tells her to “stay on the sidelines” for this one and TMI shuts up immediately.



Unfortunately this show is very predictable. Although we saw more of Pippy and TMI, by the end of the episode, they are able to find out the doctor did in fact kill the dead guy (which was obvious from the beginning, even Rosie said it), Rosie does not have a son—it was a plan from his ex to get his attention and his mother is bored now that she is retired which is why she keeps meddling in her kids lives and yelling at poor TMI! Yes, this show has lesbian characters, but thats about it.