“Lost Girl” recap (5.16): Fae-thee-well

Previously on Lost Girl: The world’s worst deadbeat dad suddenly wants family time. Bo is a horse, metaphorically. And there is just one episode left to make it all make sense.

I’m sad it’s over. To some it might seem silly to mourn the loss of something so simple as a television show. But for all of you here, you know. You know because for the past five years this show about a bisexual succubus and her rag-tag band of supernatural and human friends was something we looked forward to each week it was on. This show about a woman who just wanted to live the life she chose meant something. Also, you know, it never hurt that there was a lot of cleavage, leather and bustiers.


Sure, we complained about this show. Where is this story going? What happened to the continuity? Why is Mark a thing, why? But if we’re being truly honest with ourselves most of our biggest grumbles were ultimately about endgame. I want Bo with “X.” I won’t be happy unless Bo is with “X.” Because that’s what happens when you invest five years into a show–you care what happens to these characters.

These people–for all their flaws and superpowers–became our friends. So you want the happiness you envision to be the happiness they achieve. It’s just that so many of us had different visions of what that vision should be. But that’s how it works for us, the fans. We care. We care until the very end. And now it’s over. And I’m sad.


But now, one last time, on with the show. Dyson is still holding up the Suck Shack as it burns all around them. Things look dire, but then Lauren spots the horseshoe through the smoke sitting on the mantel. Just then Bruce bursts through one of the walls Kool-Aid Man style. Oh yeah!

And there we have our first callback to the first episode. Remember, way back then, when a young Bo Denis who hadn’t quite perfected her eyeliner game yet met a Gene Simmons-tongued underfae with some distinctive arm tattoos. Yeah, that’s our hulking gentle giant Rob Archer. Admit it, you’re pretty happy you got to see Brucey one last time–even if it was just for a minute.


He looks at the burning shack and declares it, “the end of an era.” Stop it, show, I’m already damn emotional. No need to reinforce my almost-loosing-it-ness by having characters state the obvious. But then Kenzi asks the obvious, big guy, why are you here?

He says Bo called him and said to meet her there. Mark, that little shit, immediately jumps to the conclusion that Bo trapped them and did all of this on purpose. Fine, OK, technically she did–but not like that. Kenzi shoots back at him with a definitive, “No.” No, Mark. No Mark. Both grammatical possibilities apply here.

The rest of the gang, who actually know Bo and aren’t terrible little shits, piece together that this was all part of Bo’s plan to try to show fealty to Daddy Darkness and now wants him to think they’re dead. But, given their “Big Plan” track record in the past everyone is also a tad skeptical. Can you blame them? This one is already literally going up in smoke. Sorry, I had to.


At the Penthouse to Hell, Hades is beaming with paternal pride about their father-daughter dance plans. The theme for this year’s ball is “Destiny of Darkness.” But Bo is still trying to pretend to go to the cotillion with her dad while secretly sneaking all her friends in the back door. Yes, I’ve taken this analogy and danced with it.