Samantha Sloyan talks Penny’s rough road ahead on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Oh man, don’t you hate when this happens? You meet a hot and smart lady, and it turns out you accidentally killed one of her best friend’s husbands. That old chestnut. Well that’s exactly what Penny (actress Samantha Sloyan) is dealing with after that disastrous dinner party at Meredith’s on the previous episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Callie, feeling confused and angry about Penny’s omission, will also have some tough decisions to make in the coming episodes now that Penny is coming to work at Grey Sloan Memorial.

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Samantha, who is no stranger to Shondaland (she played Jeannine Locke on Scandal), spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Penny’s uncomfortable situation. On Penny and Callie’s tenuous relationship:

“The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are like family. I think that Callie and Penny have real feelings for each other, but their relationship is new. How do you choose between family and something that has true potential but is still basically unknown to you?”

Very true. These docs have become each other’s families, lovers and persons. Penny already has the deck stacked against her, so what now? Facing Callie will be painful enough, but what about working with Meredith? Samantha addressed this new dynamic unfolding between the two doctors.

“Their interactions have been intense but also brief. Now that they are in the same building, I think we can really begin to see their dynamic take shape.”

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This week looks mighty intense based on this teaser, especially with Amelia, so we will have to wait and see if Penny sticks around or makes off into the parking lot of no return.

 Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursdays, at 8pm EST on ABC.