“Rosewood” recap (1.7): Family secrets

On last week’s episode of Rosewood, we saw very little of Pippy and TMI, sadly, but we did learn that Rosie and Pippy’s parents, Donna and Beaumont Sr., are getting a divorce. Fast forward to this week’s episode where we witness the emotional strength of Pippy and how she is becoming the backbone for their family while they deal with stressful events that seem to be happening all at once. In this recap, I will focus on the different ways Pippy has been there for her family rather than talk about the details of the storylines.

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Aside from the divorce, Rosie and his father are involved in a trial regarding whether the death of a man was from natural causes or murder. Beaumont Sr. is also a doctor so he was called to be the expert witness for the defense, while Rosie is the expert witness for the prosecution, putting father and son on opposing teams. As they begin to argue about who is right and whether the man was murdered or not, Donna and Pippy are served by the court, requesting Donna to be a character witness against her husband, while Pippy will be a character witness against her brother. It was hard enough having to deal with the divorce, now this trial is pulling the family apart even more, leaving TMI in a panic about what is happening to the only family she knows.  

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After day one on the stand, Rosie is already taking a beating against the defense attorney for not having his own doctor to treat his heart condition. (He treats it himself.) Pippy is in distress about how all this could affect her brother’s health, so she asks Detective Villa to go see Rosie at his apartment while the court is on recess for a few hours to make sure he is OK. 

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We have also learned throughout the show that Rosie has a heart condition, which has not only caused him health struggles throughout his life, but has the potential to kill him much earlier than most. When Pippy and Rosie asked their parents why Donna would be called as a character witness against her husband, at first they are distant and quiet, trying to shield them from the truth. However, they realize they need to be honest with their kids and tell them that their father was pulled over for a DUI last year. He was drinking because he found out that there is something wrong with his DNA, and if passed down to the fetus, can cause health problems. Basically Rosie’s dad is the reason he is dying.  

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Of course, their parents tell them this before they are all heading back into the courtroom for the trial (impeccable timing), so everyone is a little shaken up, particularly Rosie, who confronts his dad alone, asking why he never told him this. After the argument is over, Pippy tries to make Rosie feel better by offering to take him to lunch and he obliges, because “when Pippy offers to pay, you let her pay.” 

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While all of this encouragement and strength from Pippy is helping the family work through their issues, Pippy is not completely devoid of feelings about what is happening within her family, particularly her parents’ divorce. Later than night when she is at the lab with her mom, she shows her self-help books she has purchased for her parents to read, not to mention flyers of vacations they can go on to “reconnect” and bring life back to their marriage. Sadly, Pippy’s mother is not interested and says she knows this is hard for her, but there is nothing left to do—the marriage is over. For the first time, we see Pippy breakdown. 

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In the end, Pippy is able to see that although it hurts that her parents are getting a divorce, her mother’s happiness is all she cares about. She tells her mother that she is free and that she no longer has to worry about her adult children’s feelings.