“Arrow” recap (4.7): O Brother Who Art Thou

Previously on Arrow, Sara came back from the dead only to abandon us yet again, Ray was saved from Darhk and embiggened, Lance tried to leverage his insider connection with Darhk whose Ghosts still terrorize the city.

We begin with a familiar scene: An armored car being attacked by Ghosts. But never fear, Team Arrow is here.

Arrow 407-1 CAW CAW MOTH—oh, you get the picture

The Team gets crackin and they’re doing great but Thea almost loses her temper. Luckily, she manages to control her bloodlust before she ghosts the Ghost. Just when it looks like they might be winning, a Ghost throws a bomb inside the truck and the last few Ghosts get away. Turns out they weren’t trying to steal the money, they were just trying to prevent it from getting to the bank. They want to see Star City fall.

Oliver thinks Darhk wants to let Star City die so they can use it as a home base. A Gotham of sorts. He sends Felicity to ask Ray for help using the tooth they stole from that one Ghost to try to learn more about them and off they go. Diggle pulls Oliver aside and gives him the file Lance gave him on his brother; Oliver shares his disbelief that Andy Diggle was such a badass criminal that Darhk had to have him killed. But Oliver is determined they’ll figure it out.

Ray visits Felicity in the Loft and is glad to have a task. Felicity suggests maybe coming back from the dead, but he’s not quite ready for that yet. He’s super excited about the science though, and tells her that the DNA of the tooth has been degraded in a specific way that points him to a company called Wolfman that has a patent.

Arrow 407-2 Talk science to me.

At the Queen campaign office, Alex tells Oliver that he’ll have to go to the SCPD gala and give a speech, and also makes fun of the project Oliver wanted to build his campaign around, restoring the bay. While poor Alex tries to hold the Queen siblings’ attention, Thea is distracted by a call from Merlyn that she ignores and Oliver gets a call from Felicity, but he takes his.

When Oliver steps out, Alex jokes that he’s nervous that Oliver knows about him and Thea, but before they can start full-on making out, Oliver pokes his head back in and says he needs his Speedy—er, his sister for a…dental issue.

Team Arrow heads to Wolfman, Felicity at home base, watching over everyone as usual.

Arrow 407-3 Like an omniscientor something.

They poke around a bit and Laurel eventually finds the substance they’re looking for, unmarked, lying around just waiting for them. There’s a hundred tubes of it but she just grabs one and scoots out. Diggle hangs back to unmask one of the fallen Ghosts, and LO AND BEHOLD it just happens to be his brother. Who immediately gets up and runs away.

Diggle freaks out all the way back to Arrow HQ and Oliver tries to quell his panic by suggesting they get Diggle’s brother out of HIVE. Diggle is in full denial, though, and won’t hear it.

Captain Lance is called in to see Darhk, who is grumpy about the timing between the meeting Lance called with him last week and the Team Arrow attack that liberated his paperweight. He weaves some dark metaphors, as any good supervillain would, and tells Lance that since death doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for his daughters, there are other things Darhk can threaten him with.

Are you bored yet? I was pretty bored by this point. But don’t worry—we have some eye candy coming up to get us through.

Thea is getting ready for the gala when Merlyn calls again. This time she answers, mostly to tell him to stop calling, when he strolls right into the apartment her and Laurel share. Merlyn says he knows Thea’s bloodlust will be returning soon, based on the angle of the moon and time elapsed since her last kill. He gives her the name and information of a pedophile, saying it’s a win/win if Thea axes him. But Thea isn’t interested in playing God and tells him to take his pedophile and shove it.

Arrow 407-4“Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.’

At the gala, Oliver gives a speech about how important the SCPD is and how hard their job is, now more than ever. He doesn’t really say anything at all but he says it well so everyone claps; he’s gonna make a great politician. When Lance thanks him for his support, Oliver asks for his help, but Lance says he might have been made by Darhk so he wants to lay low for a bit. But he says he did see something about Slip 52 on Darhk’s desk and surely it wasn’t planted evidence or anything so he should definitely check it out.