“Jessica Jones” recap (1.1): Who can turn the world on with her smile

Back at her home office, a passed out Jessica wakes with a start after having a vision of the same shadowy male figure licking her face. First, ewww. Second, shudder. She repeats what sounds like a series of street names to sooth herself. Get familiar with those street names, folks.


The phone rings and it is Jeri, who has received the photo of her serving the summons as proof for payment. They spar back-and-forth, because that’s clearly going to be their relationship in this show—adversarial yet symbiotic.

Jeri agrees to pay her for services rendered, while some other services are being rendered on her—if you know what I mean. Oh, you know what I mean. Jeri’s assistant, the one we saw earlier trying to stop Jessica from barging into her office, kisses her on the neck—slowly.


Mmmmm, neck kisses.


The only thing better than neck kisses is when you turn around and they become kisses kisses. You know, like this.


Now, I realize this is probably in violation of every sexual harassment workplace policy possible, but still—hot damn. Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn. Did I mention hot damn? Because hot damn.