“Jessica Jones” recap (1.1): Who can turn the world on with her smile

Trish gives her the money, and as Jessica takes a cab to the airport saxophone music plays. But all Jessica can hear are the impassioned pleas of Hope’s parents. Dammit, she is a hero after all, isn’t she?


She makes a pit stop at the hotel. The hotel he took her to. This is such a terrible idea, I’m so glad she is doing it. The doorman recognizes her and she wordlessly makes her way up to one of the hallways. And then, while staring down the room at the end of the hall, she pulls the fire alarm.

As she makes her way to the room, to the claustrophobic blaring of the alarm, we get more flashes of purple terror and–for the first time–his voice. It says, “You missed me.” Look, nutjobs hell-bent on bringing forth the apocalypse are certainly scary. But there’s something extra unsettling about intimate terror of personal obsession.


She opens the bedroom door to find Hope. She is alive, but bound to the bed. But it’s not by rope or chains or straps or anything physical. It’s just by her total lack of free will. See, I told you this guy was terrifying. And now we know his name: Kilgrave.

After wrestling and then carrying Hope back to her apartment, Jessica calms her by teaching her the street naming mantra and making her repeat that it’s not her fault. The girl’s parents arrive all hugs and relief, and then Hope hugs Jessica and tells her she saved her. Hell, Jessica even almost cracks a smile. Oh shit, this is all going to end so badly.


As they step onto the elevator, Jessica gives her apartment one last look before closing it for what she thinks will be forever. But, as the elevator doors begin to close, Hope stops, stares at Jessica and then pulls out a gun. Shots ring out. By the time Jessica gets down to the ground floor, Hope’s parents are dead and their daughter just keeps pumping the trigger on her empty revolver. She turns, blood in her hair, and tells Jessica to, “Smile.” Then, as if a veil lifts, she drops the gun, surveys the damage and screams.

Nope, nope, nope, nope.

So now Jessica has two choices: Keep denying it or do something about it. They say with great power comes great responsibility. For Jessica Jones, it’s more than that. It’s personal.


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