“Jessica Jones” recap (1.02): Unbreakable, they’re alive, dammit

Jessica returns home and notices the new glass for Carl, emblazoned with her “Alias Investigations” logo. She allows herself the second small smile of this episode. If you’re keeping score at home, both of those smiles were brought on by Trish. Yep, time to give them an official portmanteau.


Jess calls Trish to kiss and make up. Trish assures Jessica she doesn’t need protecting. Jessica agrees to stop shutting her out and asks if they can go grab a drink. But Trish is in the midst of a workout. Jess ribs her about yoga just being stretching. Then Trish’s nose begins to bleed and I immediately flash to brain cancer because I’ve watched too many Lifetime movies.

But, don’t worry: It wasn’t an incurable mystery illness. It was her workout routine which also has been covering her with the bruises. Trish Walker will fear no man, armed or not.


But then, how do you defend against a bad guy whose voice is his weapon? Kilgrave surfaces–for the first time not in flashback–and commandeers a family’s apartment with a few words. He makes the family’s children wet themselves in a closet and then sits down to dinner.

In her apartment, Jessica brushes her teeth and admits, in voiceover, that her greatest weakness is occasionally giving a damn. But then that fucking roach crawls back up from the depths, and she crushes it with her bare thumb. Yep, the roach is definitely Kilgrave in this metaphor–also super gross.


So we think it’s over, roach metaphor complete, mission stated. But then Luke slinks out of a dark corner as well. He has a table saw with him, which is an odd hostess gift. Most people just bring a nice bottle of red. He tells her he saw her powers, then shows her his–with the table saw.


He has unbreakable skin. OK, dammit, now I have the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song stuck in my head again. I just got it out.

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