The “Empire” mid-season finale employs yet another bisexual twist

At an ASA event, Tiana is singing another song about a boy wanting her and making his move. Her relationships with women have been completely non-existent this season and the show really has no idea what to do with her if she’s not sleeping with Hakeem. 

empire-tiana“Can I make it more clear that I’m here for these dudes?”

Skye and Jamal take the stage next, and they perform their song “Powerful,” which is followed by a Q&A with Charlamagne of Guy Code fame. He asks really weird questions like, “Skye, what up, though? You black now?” and “Jamal, you gay right?” Skye says, “I identify as me.” Jamal is over labels and boxes, a true Millennial. “It doesn’t have to be like that!” 

bi“I thought my publicist made it clear—no questions about anything to do with our actual selves!”

Back at Empire, Skye’s manager Judith is not pleased about what transpired. People are photoshopping Skye to look like Rachel Dolzeal.

dolezalnot very convincing, tbh

Lucious is condescending to both women, telling Judith to settle down and calling Skye “Sweetie.”

judith-upset me-judithwe are all Judith

Later that day, Jamal is premiering his Pepsi commercial with the man who is spending the rest of his life dedicating his time to LGBT artists. He brings Jamal to the stage and is like “Here he is, the gayest gay. So proud of him for the gay he’s exuding all over the gay land. Gay.”

so-happy-you-are-gay-gay-gay“Let’s just reassert your gayness one more time, please.”

Lucious smirks in the crowd, and later makes sure the man who loves LGBT artists knows Jamal has a girlfriend now. This is apparently horrifying, despite the letter B being a part of the acronym for a reason. Jamal can’t be bisexual, can he?! Technically, he is. Whatever transpired between Jamal and Skye was “beautiful,” they acknowledge, but Sky says she knows he can never care for her like he could Michael. She knows because she saw Jamal talking to another guy and so clearly he wanted to fuck him. “You couldn’t possibly love a woman like you love a man,” Skye says.

So despite their shared moment (did it go beyond a kiss? Sounds like it, but they don’t go into detail), it seems Jamal identifies as gay (based on what he told his father earlier in the episode), like Mimi identifies as a lesbian, despite being totally willing to have a threesome with Lucious. Whether they are motivated by a musical connection that turns into a meaningful moment (Skye/Jamal) or the same interest in a willing woman (Mimi/Lucious), the shock and awe part of these reveals are really uncouth ways to get people invested in this show again. In Season 1, it was Tiana’s having a secret girlfriend, India, that surprised us when she was dating Hakeem.  And this is, of course, not the only BIG BISEXUAL REVEAL we have coming. Just wait.