The “Empire” mid-season finale employs yet another bisexual twist

Cookie is bummed that her cookout isn’t happening any more (the man we knew was no good turned out to be no good), but she is trying to get her spirits up to take Hakeem and Laura to perform at the prison she used to live in. Inside she sees an old friend, Spider, who asks if Porsha is “Wifey.” Even though Porsha protests that she is strictly dickly, I loved that Spider would assume Cookie would have a wifey at all. Perhaps indicating there was a little bit of a LURD situation while she was doing her time? Cookie tells Porsha she needs to learn how to take a compliment; it is indeed a compliment to be thought worthy of Cookie Lyon.

empire-spider“But is Jamal gay or nah?”

Spider hopes Cookie is bringing in her singer Veronica (“Her fine bald ass!”) but will be disappointed when she sees it’s Hakeem. Meanwhile, Cookie is looking for Jezzy (aka Da Brat), who she promised to sign as soon as she was released. But Spider shares the bad news: Jezzy is in for life after taking out her bunkmate over some dyke drama toothpaste. Later, Jezzy tells Cookie she didn’t do it and scolds her for wanting to free Lucious instead of help incarcerated women. “What about us women, Cookie? The one you ate with; lived with.”

da-brat“You don’t write, you don’t call, you don’t send sexy pictures.”

At yet another ASA event and the longest day in recent history, Lucious takes the stage to introduce his “business partner in crime, Mimi Whiteman.” Mimi comes to the stage and maniacally laughs into the microphone before saying that she wants to bring up someone that is “very important to her.” Someone that is her “reason to live”; her “be all, end all.” That woman is Naomi Campbell, perfectly cast as Camilla, the woman who both turns people on and terrifies them at the same time.

the-girlsthat girl to the right knows how I’m feeling
so-in-lovethis is real lesbian love

And then we were all Lucious.

luciousbisexual trickery, again!?

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