“Jessica Jones” recap (1.03): I always feel like somebody’s watching me

Previously on Jessica Jones: Jessica squishes a cockroach with her thumb that is really a metaphor for Kilgrave. Jeri accepts a favor to be cashed later from Jessica. Trish Krav Magas her issues away. Luke is unbreakable, and alive, dammit.

By episode three of any new series, the inevitable question of whether to watch or fast forward through the credits arises. It becomes a line in the sand. Like, are you a sit through the Orange is the New Black theme person or a skip-it person? (Me, I watch every.single.time). So far, same goes for the illustrated noir of the Jessica Jones. There’s something about that mad crescendo that then dips back immediately into those simple, almost hopeful notes that get me pumped for the show.


Also pumped are Jessica and Luke. Well, I’m going to assume that parts of Luke are particularly pumped. Who knew showing a gal your unbreakable skin was such a turn on? Our super-powered couple tests out their new, boundary-less relationship. Cracked windows, bent pipes, busted plaster–you know, the usual.

Their athletic boinking is interrupted when Jessica spots Creepy Twin Guy looking in from behind an open Carl (the door, Carl is the door–keep up). Afterward, they go out for some food truck grub and discuss their super powers. His came from an experiment; hers an accident. She’s not exactly faster than a speeding bullet, but she can stop a slow-moving car and jump-fall.


Luke wonders if there are more of their ilk out there besides “the big green dude and his crew.” We see what you did there, Marvel. Luke doesn’t reveal his powers because he thinks being a hero makes you a target. Jessica says she’s “been there, done that” and it didn’t work out so hot. Luke, of course, wants to know if a costume was involved and if she’ll wear it for him. Same, Luke, same.

After their existential query is over, they go back to his place for more enthusiastic boinking. This time, they break the bed— quite literally. Yeah, people with super strength really shouldn’t buy their bedframes at IKEA.


Jessica excuses herself to the bathroom to feed her guilt some more by looking at the photo of that smiling woman in Luke’s medicine cabinet. He comes in and informs her she died, in a bus crash. You know that moment when, in hindsight, would have been perfect to tell someone something important. Yep, that was it. But instead Jessica bolts.