The Huddle: Who is Getting Our Votes in the Visibility Awards

With only three days left to nominate your faves in this year’s Visibility Awards, we’re ready to make the case for who we think should win. Can we sway you?

Chelsea Steiner: Guys, we need to talk about Ellen Page‘s Twitter. Adorable dog photos? Check. Adorable surfer girlfriend? Check. Willingness to name anyone’s dog who asks? Check and check. Give this tiny woman a prize already!

Lianna Carrera: I gotta go with Master of None for Favorite TV Comedy. POCs on TV in control of their own narrative is good for us all. Also, I did not know that Aziz was such a lovable dorky guy. I really like what he’s done with the show.


Valerie Anne: I know my answer to things like this is always Orphan Black but they never win real awards so I’m nominating them for Favorite TV Drama. Cosima is such a dynamic character, and she’s had deep, meaningful connections with two different women over the 30-episode arc. Bisexual badass Delphine was given the traditional tragic hero story usually given to men – fighting and sacrificing everything for the woman she loves (and that woman’s family). Tatiana Maslany is also a champion for Cosima and for LGBT visibility and is supportive of the #clonesbians and our love of her characters.

And special shout-out to the Orphan Black social media team—I knew they were great because they’re always witty and in tune with the fans’ favorite lines, etc (“As a lesbian…supporter” for example), and give equal weighting to every ship when they pander and swoon, but after seeing the colossal failing of other social media accounts that shall not be named in this past year, I appreciate them even more. 

Daniela Costa: I’m throwing my support behind Amy Acker for Favorite TV Actress and her character Root on Person of Interest as Favorite Lesbian/Bi TV Character. I’ve never seen flirt game like that! Plus, Root is such a complex character and Amy plays her brilliantly. She’s also great with fans and is the model Shoot shipper. 

Lucy Hallowell: U.S. Women’s Soccer Team for Best Lesbian/Bi Allies. Their team is filled with a mix of queer and straight women and they make it look just as easy as it always should be. They show up at their teammates weddings (gay or straight), they laugh when asked if it’s weird to be in a locker room with lesbians. They put every all-male team to shame for being such a bunch of babies about gay players. As POTUS said, playing like a girl means you’re a badass. Same goes for being an ally like these women. Bad. Ass.

Bridget McManus: I’m picking Carol for Best Movie because it is outstanding in every way. It is superbly acted, beautifully directed and the story honors the LGBTQ community and shows us in a positive light. It’s incredibly rare to have such a lavishly produced mainstream film tell a non-tragic, romantic story about lesbian lives, especially one set in a period of US history that was notoriously difficult for lesbians! And, let’s not forget Cate Blanchett is the title character. 


Dana Piccoli: Cate Blanchett has gotten much of the attention for Carol, but I’m tossing my support to Rooney Mara for Favorite Movie Actress. She nails the character of Therese with such understated grace and beauty, that I think she even brings out facets of the character that are lost in the book. Get it, Rooney.


Erin Faith Wilson: Taraji P Henson for Favorite TV Actress because she keeps it real and doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks. COOKIE FOR LIFE.

Marcie Bianco: Holland Taylor, “Best Coming Out” because girlfriend was like “I was never not out” and n’importe quoi and all that jazz.

Trish Bendix: Lily Tomlin for Favorite Movie Actress. She’s a living legend and she kills it in Grandma, guys. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s super feminist and queer and LILY TOMLIN! 

Who are you pulling for in this year’s Visiblity Awards?