“Transparent” recap (2.6): Bulnerable

It’s that sweet midway mark through the second season of Transparent, and so far Colton’s hit the dusty trail, Maura’s left Shelly’s condominium trap for good, and Ali’s still working on that dreaded graduate school admissions essay. Syd offers that Ali simply replaces her essay prompt with the word “cunt,” which elicits a clever back-and-forth between the pair. As platonic friends, their dynamic was a little freer—and the tension between them—it was filled with mystery and hotness.

All of that feels flat, even now with Ali’s nipple peeking out and the two constantly lounging in their adorable cut-up T-shirts and boxer briefs. Ali seems open, ready and restless. “Should I be asking Leslie?” Syd would rather take that seat, maybe knowing in the back of her head what kind of slippery slope it would be to get on the Leslie boat. “I’m sure she has a lot of feelings about your cunt,” Syd slips in. Oh, sure, a seemingly intellectual friendship with the Leslie Mackinaw, goddess dyke holding court at a full moon ritual like it’s no one’s business. There’s no way that could have any affect on Syd and Ali’s relationship, right?


Josh and Raquel get a dose of bad news—Raquel miscarried. Josh’s reaction is like, “We need to take a pause.” He’s allowed to feel that way and ask for what makes him feel happy and healthy—in this case, more time before they try to have a baby again. Maybe he’s feeling mixed up over not knowing his parents knew about baby Colton, knowing now that he’s perhaps lost his second chance at being Dad to Colton, and now, a third chance has been lost—with Raquel and baby.

But, for Raquel, time is of the essence and she worries her time as a potential mother is running out. Josh draws Raquel a bath, fixes her some food, and heads out to a music scene party to talk to important people about not-as-important deals. The real “dealio” here is that Josh tends to minimize moments and use his language (i.e. “dealio”) to gloss over real talk. Josh leaves Raquel at home to have the most depressing, lonely Netflix and chill ever recorded.

Someone else who wants to Netflix and definitely chill is Sarah. She visits Josh’s drug-dealing friend Dr. Steve, who says he’s still sweaty from pilates, but she doesn’t mind. She’s here for that sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. In an attempt to get Dr. Steve to play disciplinary bad man Mr. Irons, he yodels a “Yoo hoo” like he’s Mrs. Doubtfire. Sarah’s not feeling it—even though Dr. Steve isn’t completely terrible. Yes, he has a giant, blown-out print of a glossed up pair of lips on his wall, but he’s a bored stoner who doesn’t just go along with Sarah’s prodding to call her a slut.

Meanwhile at the young Hollywood music party, Josh runs into King Tuff (an artist on Sub Pop and Burger Records), which lends itself to the party clientele and Josh’s presence here. He finds his boy and produces a record label offer like he’s in the movie Blow and forgot he has Penelope Cruz at home without a baby. You’re only blowing your relationship.