“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.11): Five Years Forward, Five Years Back

Happy New Year, Boo Crew! I’m beyond excited to kick off the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B recaps and share in the insanity with all of you. It feels like it’s been five years since the divisive ending of 6A, where A was finally revealed to be Charlotte DiLaurentis aka CeCe Drake. When we last left the Liars, our girls were headed out to college, leaving Rosewood (and Ali) behind. Now it’s five years later, and the Liars are called back to their old stomping grounds.

We open in the halls of Rosewood High, the camera zooming past the lockers while classic PLL lines are recited. You know, like “Bitch can see” and some other ones I didn’t remember because what’s gonna top “Bitch can see”? Nothing, that’s what.

unspecifiedEmily leaned against the locker, still dripping wet from swim practice…now that’s some A+ fanfic!

We find Ali reading poetry in front of a classroom of students until the bell rings and she’s visited by Dr. Rollins (her future fiancée, if last season’s finale is to be believed) and Charlotte’s doctor. He tells her that the judge has approved a hearing for Charlotte’s release in four days. Ali is excited but quickly sits down to pen a letter to the Liars. We hear the content of the letters in voice-over as we catch up with our girls. So, what’s happened in the last five years?

unspecified-1I’m here to fill the rando white dude quotient of Rosewood!

Spencer got bangs and works in politics. Aria works in publishing and dresses like a real live person and not a Tim Burton character come to life. Ezra wrote a book called Ostinato, which I believe is Spanish for chickpeas. Hanna is flying first class and rocking an engagement ring.

unspecifiedDEFINITELY sitting in front of the Capitol building

unspecified-2Definitely dressed like an adult human woman

unspecified-3Definitely playing with a baby while drinking vodka

And Emily? Oh, Emily is tending bar and living in a van down by the river.

unspecified-4Hey, girl, you like pina coladas? Bc I made a bong out of a coconut, let’s get weird