“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.11): Five Years Forward, Five Years Back

Spencer and Emily have drinks at Radley and comment on how weird it is that the place they used to break into to steal files/ghost waltz is now a trendy hotel. Aria and Hanna join them, and Ali texts everyone that Charlotte was released and is coming home tonight. Their response? Let’s get wasted and party in Hanna’s hotel suite. And they do. The Liars toast to Charlotte as a security camera starts recording them.

unspecified-16Let’s flip some birds and get wasted! Adulting!

unspecified-17What do you think is in the Slow Waltzing with Basement Ghosts-tini?

The next morning, the Liars wake up hungover. Also, Emily shared the bed with Hanna and Tumblr exploded. Emily drops her purse, revealing more pills and a pack of needles. Ooh girl, please tell us you’re a diabetic or something. While Emily struggles to shove the pharmacy back in her purse, the Liars get a call from Ali: Charlotte escaped in the night and is missing. Well fuck.

unspecified-18Look at Emily frantically shoving an entire Rite-Aid in her purse in the background

We then head to the church, where Charlotte’s body lies dead in the lawn, having been tossed from the bell tower like she’s some sort of Ian. After all that, Charlotte DiLaurentis is dead. Ugh, really? This is disappointing for so many reasons. Charlotte was such an interesting character, and seeing her adjust to life outside an asylum would have been fascinating to watch. I would have loved to see her interact with the Liars, and maybe explore a redemption story with her. Also, do we really need another dead trans girl on TV? I don’t think so.

unspecified-19Whelp, this seems like a missed opportunity.

Although knowing this show, she may not even be dead. She’s probably dead, though. Remember when we all saw Mona’s dead body in that trunk? LIES.

Ali is beyond devastated, and Emily rushes to her side to comfort her. Emily may not be able to take care of herself, but she is still aces at caring for other people.

unspecified-20Can I get you anything? A Xanax? Percoset? Yellow Bomber? Blue Voodoo? Crank? Meth? Horse? Smack? Reefer cigarette? Giggle stick? Tampon?