“Work Out New York” recap (1.6): Hug It Out

Let’s face it: We’re here to focus on Holly, so that’s what we’re going to do.

absthose abs, though!

Lena and Courtney are preparing for their Radius auditions and practice in front of Holly, who gives them much-needed support and advice. Lena stumbles a bit in her opening and Courtney is worried about his shoulder, but they still have a few days to shake the nerves.

licking“That looks great, Lena. You look great, to be honest.”

Later that week, Holly works out with Joe and sees his training style first hand and despite not knowing some of the moves he’s asking her to do, (it looks like he’s doing some Crossfit-specific movements and she’s more old-school cross training) she tells him he’s a good coach. When she asks if he’s ready for Radius, he is very nonchalant and tells the cameras he’s not interested in being a face on the cover of a workout DVD. But he’s doing this “for Noah and Holly,” since they referred him. He thanks Holly for the opportunity, and Holly is impressed.

ok-joe“I don’t know what we’re doing, but you like to pretend like you know what you’re talking about.”

But remember how last week Holly was not impressed with Noah? She didn’t like how he was taking control of her basketball camp and then showing off at Lindsay’s event with Layla. So she asks him to come over and process. “I feel highjacked by you sometimes,” she shares, explaining how she wanted to live in the moment “feeling like, wow, I’m back in this arena where I first was. And you took the lead! I was so pissed off. Because that was my moment. That was my day!”

process“Just because you were hired to do one GQ event does not mean you are Bob Harper, OK?”

Noah thinks Holly is judging him “really hard” and mansplains: “You’re hyper aware of, like, these little moments and I apologize if I do come off that way.” “But the fact that you think that’s a little moment is shocking to me! That’s life. That’s real shit!” Holly is popping off but still manages to look like she’s motivational speaking while doing so.

mansplain“I can’t help it that I’m such a shining star, girl.”

Noah is a narcissist, though, so he says it’s impossible for him to be less toned down in a group setting, which is why he rarely does group training sessions. But he eventually relents and says it means a lot to him that Holly can be honest with him because he wants to be successful. “You need your friends and you also need people who are going to challenge you,” Holly says. Sorry but training is not solitary, Noah!

how-i-feel“Check yourself, fool. I made you.”