“Jessica Jones” recap (1.08): A house is not a home

She alerts the house to the bomb, and Kilgrave guesses it was Simpson who planted it. As he tsk-tsks about the innocent lives that would have been lost, Jessica calls him on his hypocrisy. But he insists he has never killed anyone. Sure, neither did Charles Manson. But they’re both still cold-blooded murderers.


Of course, Kilgrave reads Jessica telling them about the bomb as her actually caring for him. I swear every time he talks I mime sticking my finger in my mouth and make a gagging noise.

In billable hours heaven, two divorce lawyers are dreaming about the new Teslas they’re gonna buy. Jeri and Wendy are also there, arguing about money and love and kindness. Wendy wants 70 percent of Jeri’s assets. Considering Jeri is leaving with Pam, Wendy considers it more than fair. It’s ugly and it’s bitter and it’s painful. Hey, just because it’s legal for us to marry in every state now, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be any better at it.


Trish is doing her own sleuthing and tracks down Simpson, who has taken a leave from the police force and is now just full-time bro-ing it up with his ex-special forces buddies. Trish presses him on finding Kilgrave, but he says everyone can’t be a hero. Translation: You’re a girl and will probably get hurt.

Jessica wakes with a start from a very bloody familial guilt nightmare in which they demand she, “Make it right.” Over breakfast, Jess tries to get Kilgrave talking and records it on the phone she swiped from Simpson. But then the nosey neighbor shows up and starts yammering.


But then she starts talking about how she knew something terrible was going to happen the morning of the accident. Kilgrave challenges her, and she admits she didn’t know anything and only says things to feel important. It’s both cathartic and horrifying to watch.

But then Kilgrave tries to make it a touching moment, quite literally, and Jessica lashes out. That was her one rule–no touching. Kilgrave follows her in saying they used to do more than just touch hands. Oh. No. He. Didn’t.