Sherri Saum on “The Fosters” Season 3B and Stef’s sexy new haircut

On The Fosters, Sherri Saum plays Lena Adams Foster, one-half of the best two-mom family in the history of television; the lesbian Tami Taylor we have all been dreaming of. When we spoke with Sherri last week, she confirmed that she’s just as dreamy off-screen as she is on.

SHERRI SAUMphoto by Freeform/Craig Sjodin

We asked her about what’s coming up for the Adams Foster family in Season 3B, and she was gracious enough to answer our questions about Monte, meddling mothers-in-law, Stef’s new haircut, and whether our favorite moms can steal a few minutes to themselves.

Sherri Saum: Luuucy!


AfterEllen: Hi, how are you?

SS: I’m good, how are you?


AE: I’m great. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

SS: Of course, my pleasure.


AE: So, everything ended so well in 3A, can we assume that everything is just smooth sailing at the Adams Foster house?

SS: Um, everything pretty much goes straight to hell as per The Fosters. [laughs] Yeah, we like to have our wins here and there, but we just have so much going on that it’s about to get real.


AE: There was a lot set up in the 3A finale. Can you tell us a little about what we can expect right off the bat in 3B?

SS: Well, Jesús comes back to town and as much as we’d like to think all is well that’s really not the case, so that’s going to open another can of worms. Stef’s health issues is a biggie and then, of course, Stef’s mom coming to town right in the midst of all of this will add a healthy dose of tension to the house that we probably don’t need. But Stef’s going through this stuff, so it’s always good to circle the wagons and have your family there. She’s going to need us for sure. 


AE: And how does Lena feel about having Sharon around?

SS: She’s plotting her early demise, putting some things in her dinner. It’s hard because obviously her mom thinks she knows what’s best, and Lena thinks she knows what’s best for Stef. She knows she knows what’s best for Stef and how do you kind of navigate those waters while trying to keep Stef stress-free and calm? It’s going to be a tightrope walk.


AE: Stress-free is not something I would use to describe that house.

SS: [laughs] I think you’re right about that. We try, but we fail.


AE: You talked about Sharon causing trouble. Are we going to get to see Dana this season?

SS: I don’t have any information about that in the pipeline, but the show is about family and we can’t really tell all of our stories honestly without bringing those people back in. [Lorraine Toussaint] is really busy but I hope she comes back. And my brother and my father, I hope they’ll be back again.