Morning Brew – Christina Milian talks hooking up with women

Good morning!

Panera perfectly timed the release of this inclusive ad with last week’s blizzard. I’m sure many of you were cuddling with your girlfriend over soup.

Kristen Stewart thinks that the way to fix gender inequality in Hollywood is for the complainers (women?) to “do something.”

Pop star/actress Christina Milian has hooked up with girls, telling the Allegedly podcast:

“The first…well, the first time, listen to me! … You gotta be a hot girl and you gotta be cool. It literally was out of fun and you’re attracted to the person in the moment. Nothing’s going to go past that. In the moment!”

BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season Tea PortraitsPhoto by Steve Schofield/BAFTA LA/Getty Images Portrait

Lea Delaria will be playing The Dinah this year for a special night of music and comedy.


Vice returns to Uganda to see that their homophobia is still thriving.

AE’s Erin Faith Wilson writes about the questions she wants straight people to stop asking her at Elite Daily.

Miley Cyrus will star in Woody Allen‘s series for Amazon.

Activists are working hard to achieve marriage equality in Italy.

Hayley Atwell says she thinks Peggy Carter would be attracted to LGBT people should she come across them, and hopes to explore more of those themes in Season 3. She also shares her love of Bridget Regan.

dottie-peggy-kissPeggy coming across Dottie

Viceland has released the first official trailer for Ellen Page‘s series Gaycation.

Ellen talked about her new film Tallulah while at Sundance in this video interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

New York’s gay and lesbian politicians are backing Hilary Clinton.

Jillian Michaels says she’s received a lot of homophobic comments since coming out, but hopes her show will help people see that a family with two moms are the same as anyone else’s.

“To be honest nothing can shake me, I’ve been in the public eye for 12 years now and I live my life. And our hope is that for every person who has issues with us and with [lesbians and adoption], is that maybe they will see an episode and maybe it will change their mind.”

At The Establishment: How Medical Schools are Failing the LGBTQ Community.

Also not so surprising, lesbian veterans are not getting the best care from the VA.

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