“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.13): Tossed Spaleb and Scrambled Eggs

You guys, this season of Pretty Little Liars is growing on me in a big bad way. It’s a trip to see the Liars acting so grown up, what with their jobs and their injections and their slamming of Ezra! We definitely need more A shenanigans, but at least we got our first simultaneous group text. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

pll-1Despite being locked in a sauna (Spencer) and drug-massaged by Lucas (Emily), these girls are hella comfortable in spas

We open with the Liars (minus Aria) chilling at the Radley spa and rocking some cucumber eye masks. Hanna wants to relax, but Spencer is too busy worrying about Ezria’s lies. Hanna reveals that she deleted the security footage, and Spencer and Emily storm out of the spa, appointments be damned! Before she can leave, Emily sees Shower Harvey chilling in the next room. When Emily confronts her, Showers claims quiet room privileges and refuses to talk.

pll-5White bathrobes are the new black hoodies

Meanwhile, Aria is going through Ezra’s notes and skyping with Liam, who tells her that their editor is just about done with Ezra and his drinking. As are we all, Liam. As are we all.

Hanna runs into Lucas, who is now a game app millionaire with mansions and a silver Jag. He assumes she’s engaged to Caleb, and she has re-explain their break-up for the millionth time. Why is everyone so surprised that a high school relationship didn’t last into adulthood? This isn’t Glee.

pll-12Wanna see my impression of the “deal with it” meme?


Spencer and Melissa meet with the campaign staffers, who advise them to STFU about Charlotte and keep their answers vague and formless. Caleb is there, flirting with Spencer and offering to make her breakfast. Melissa immediately catches onto their chemistry, and makes fun of Spencer for shopping out of other people’s carts, but Spencer maintains that nothing is going on.

pll-22So you’re not fooling around with Caleb? Sure Jan.