“Arrow” recap (4.11): Someone to Watch Over Me

Oliver calls to Felicity over his comm, giving her a brand new nickname: Overwatch. He jokes that he was going to go with Oracle (which has been a longtime fan theory), but the name was already taken.

Felicity loves it, but she doesn’t know any better. I mean, look at the names she’s been exposed to so far: Green Arrow, Black Canary, Speedy and Spartan? Heck even White Canary or Hawkgirl/man? Kind of on the nose, don’t you think? Not exactly as formidable as names like Iron Man or Captain America. Doesn’t quite strike the same kind of fear as Black Widow or Scarlet Witch. But at least she’s not just Wheels, like that poor boy on the Burger King bags.  (Also, I’m not really one to talk. I had an imaginary brown cat named Cocoa, a brown toy horse named Mocha, and a stuffed cat named Kitty…)

Andy busts into the hostage situation and tells the bad guy that Lyla’s husband is around here somewhere and will make for great motivation. The guy’s minions find him and force Lyla to start using codes to unlock Rubicon (or the place where it’s stored? I’m still unclear as to what Rubicon is.) But Felicity is blocking the codes as fast as Lyla can type them, giving Canary and Speedy (who Felicity NEEDS—she said so) time to do their thing.  

Emo!Felicity is lurking nearby, but Felicity’s voice doesn’t waver when she says that she hasn’t been that version of herself in a very long time, and Emo!Felicity disappears.

Arrow 411-13“Bye, Felicity.”

So Team Arrow works together to save the day, of course. Then they gather in the Arrow Cave to pour one out for Amanda Waller, despite her kind of being a bad guy in her own right.

Back in the Loft, Oliver gets a box for Felicity, out of which she pulls a picture of Emo!Felicity.

Arrow 411-14Missed that smile, girl. Never change.

Oliver is highly amused. Felicity says that this is the old her; she used to be a rebellious hacker, but now she’s a certified badass. Emo!Felicity would have released Rubicon to make a statement and Emo!Oliver would have snapped the bad guys’ necks, but now they’re smiling and cuddling on a big fluffy bed.  

Felicity burns the picture (WHICH. FIRE HAZARD.) to symbolize the changes they’ve both made.

Oliver tells Felicity that, even though he knows it’s not healthy to be in denial about her condition, they live in a world where people can run faster than the speed of light, become as small as an atom, spread wings like a hawk, and come back from the dead. So he’s not about to shrug off this paralysis as permanent just because some normal human doctor said so, even if he was “all the way” from Central City.

What did you think of “AWOL”? Do you like Felicity’s new nickname?