“Jessica Jones” recap (1.10): Abandon all Hope ye who enter here

Previously on Jessica Jones: Shit went all to hell, basically. But, at least Jessica can now resist Kilgrave’s powers. So, you know, there’s that.

An injured Kilgrave races out of the building and finds a panicked Jeri–who has just now realized what terrible life choices she has made–trying to speed away. She pulls a gun on him, but damn why doesn’t anyone roll up their car windows? Would his mind control have worked through a closed Audi window? If not, that’s something they should definitely tout in their commercials.


The predictable worst-case-scenario of him hijacking her to get away happens. She is freaking out because of the gruesome murder of Kilgrave’s mother, which she unwittingly helped to facilitate. Oopsie? He commands her to go to a doctor “someone you trust.” Yeah, so this is going to end so poorly.

Back at the lab, Jessica is left with the carnage of Kilgrave’s escape. His dead mom. Unconscious dad. Trish still trying desperately to put a bullet in her head. Jessica wrestles a bullet out of her hand and pops it in her mouth, to comply with Kilgrave’s command and finally calm her down. It’s one of the most brutally tender moments in a series filled with so many brutal and too few tender moments so far.


Jeri has taken Kilgrave to see Wendy because of course she has. It’s just more evidence that the heart and the brain are rarely attached. Kilgrave notes as much, and orders her to patch him up. He also lets slip that Jeri agreed to cut the wires so Kilgrave would make Wendy sign the divorce papers. I mean, we all saw that coming, but still.

Kilgrave’s father, who is still trying to cut out his own heart, lets something slip of his own. Kilgrave’s power comes from a virus. When he talks, he emits microparticles. OK, well let’s just bubble boy him and problem solved. That or does anyone have a giant hamster wheel lying around?


Kilgrave’s dad tells them they’ve been working on a vaccine for decades, but now may be able to create one thanks to Jessica and her immunity. So they collect blood, and we all cross our fingers and say a little prayer for science.

Across town, Kilgrave is playing the jilted lover card with Wendy, who is commiserating right back. Look, I agree–not with Kilgrave, never with Kilgrave–but cheaters do suck. And, again, it sucks beyond the telling of it to have someone you love not love you back anymore. But egging on a psychopath, dear Wendy, is never the answer.


Then Kilgrave’s rhetorical directive to, “Tell me something I don’t know,” makes Jeri drop a truth bomb. Hope was pregnant with his child; she kept the fetal tissue and Jessica doesn’t know it exists. Jesus, Jeri, can you please stop proving all the stereotypes about soulless power attorneys right?