“Jessica Jones” recap (1.10): Abandon all Hope ye who enter here

Jessica calls Jeri to check her status, and Kilgrave instructs her to find out where his father is. He also gives Wendy the green light to kill Jeri with “death by a thousand cuts.” So then she starts, “One.”


At the lab, the detective has been left alone to secure the scene or something. We hear a door open. Oh, no. Who could it be? Oh, don’t worry, it’s just Simpson. No big deal. It’s two police officers standing around and upholding the law together, right? Oh, shit, wait.


So, Simpson has just graduated from general asshole to murderous asshole. He killed a fellow cop. He burned the lab to the ground, with all its evidence. He is just bent on vengeance. He is, to put it bluntly, going to be a major fucking problem.

Wendy is in the 20s of her 1,000-cuts campaign and has already made quite a mess. Jeri and her grapple, with Jeri on the losing end. It’s pretty awful, and she still has like 970 cuts to go. But then we hear a knocking that gets more and more incessant at the door.


The knocking becomes a crash, and someone arrives to clock Wendy on the head. It’s Pam. Poor, love-struck, totally screwed Pam. So now it’s all over but the bleeding, guilt and consequences.

Jessica arrives a few seconds later and scans the carnage. This entire episode is Jessica dealing with the carnage and collateral damage left in Kilgrave’s wake. Ditto for the show. Pam’s direct hit on Wendy sent her head into the edge of the coffee table. Thus endeth Wendy.


Jessica demands to know where Kilgrave went, and then leaves poor Pam and bleeding Jeri. Well, not before she spits some frankly deserved invectives at Jeri for helping Kilgrave. I mean, she’s not wrong. But, to be fair, she does fully realize what a terrible, terrible, so so so terrible decision she made now.


In a storyline we almost forgot about but refuses to go away, Creepy Twin Girl is plastering the neighborhood with missing posters. OK, fine, it’s sad. But in a detached way, because as much as I enjoy this show, it failed to build enough emotional attachment for Creepy Guy Twin, so his death felt merely like another in a line of terrible things Kilgrave did, instead of a legit tragedy.