“Jessica Jones” recap (1.10): Abandon all Hope ye who enter here

Jessica sees Malcolm helping Creepy Girl Twin with the fliers, but has no time for such nonsense. She heads to her apartment, but instead of just finding a stiff drink there she also finds an unrepentant lunatic. Kilgrave is there. There’s a lot of slamming into walls and yelling, and not the fun kind. But Jessica refrains from killing him, at least for now.


Kilgrave reveals he has gone to the judge and district attorney and convinced them to release Hope. Just when I think I have his endgame figured out, I’m confused all over again. But it becomes clear soon enough when he says it is a trade for his father and the promise to stay away from Jessica.

Pam, now in police custody, is dealing with her own devil, so to speak. Jeri comes to see her, as legal counsel and girlfriend. But Pam has started piecing things together. How did Kilgrave even know about Wendy? Jeri says, “It’s complicated,” which Pam already knows is code for “I’m lying.”


So that’s that. Pam realizes, even if it was circuitous, Jeri was trying to use Kilgrave to make Wendy sign the divorce papers. When confronted with her own horribleness, Jeri fires back at Pam saying she is the one who told her to get her to sign no matter what. Oh, girl, wrong move. Have you never dated women before? This is not how you win an argument with one.

Pam calls her bullshit and then tells the booking detective she needs a new lawyer. Gotta hand it to Jeri–when she fucks something up, she fucks it up royally. Though, fair warning, New York lesbians. Someone appears to be back on the market.


Kilgrave is still at Jessica’s place, now just hanging out with his feet up. I sort of don’t understand this casual détente they have going. Yes, I understand she wants to save Hope. But wouldn’t she think she already did that with the evidence she doesn’t know Simpson has burnt to a cinder? And yes, I know there are a bunch of unknown innocents he also said would die if he didn’t show back up. But, seriously, she could, at least, put a little more of the hurt on him.

Instead, Kilgrave remains free and able to flap his lips. He goes on about how Jessica really did have feelings for him, after all. Because there were 18 seconds when he wasn’t controlling her at all. He had let the 12-hour clock run out without any instructions, and she stayed.


But Jessica remembers that moment, too. She remembers how she waited and waited and waited for one moment of free will. And when it finally came she planned her escape. When Kilgrave went back inside, she stepped out onto the roof ledge. And as she was about to jump she had an elaborate fantasy about riding away on a white horse. And then the moment was over because Kilgrave gave her another order. And that was that.

Moral of this story: No one gets actually rescued on a white horse, by princes or themselves.


Kilgrave insists it was love; she wanted to be there. But Jessica knows removing Kilgrave from one’s consciousness is like lifting a fog, it’s gradual and takes a hell of a lot more than 18 seconds. She also knows, in every fiber of her being, she never wanted or would ever want to be with him.

And we flash back to his nonchalant cruelty as he berates her after her near jumping incident and commands her to cut off her ear. She starts, but then he stops her with fake comfort. Back in present-time, he touches the scar, and she clocks him across the room. Here we go. Now that’s more like it.