“The Fosters” (3.12) recap: To boob or not to boob, that is the question

Previously on The Fosters, Ty slammed a car into the twins and Ana. Once AJ and Ty realized the police were figuring it out they decided to ditch their grandmother’s funeral and head Out of Town. Also going Out of Town was Connor who left Judicorn for greener pastures in LA. Sharon has a new boyfriend who hates the cops, the government, and anything not vegan. Callie has a shady investor in Fost and Found who wants to make her a star. Jesus has a new head and more ex-girlfriends than he can count. Emma and Lexi are fighting over Mariana. Stef has a cancer, and Brandon has an audition at Juilliard. Some people have real problems, Stef.

Fosters 3121

We begin in where we rarely venture, the moms’ room without interruption. A freshly-showered Stef is contemplating her reflection in the foggy bathroom mirror. As soon as she steps into the bedroom, Lena starts spouting statistics from the studies she’s been reading online. She is taking this cancer diagnosis like the Ravenclaw she is. If she has enough information, surely it stands no chance. But Stef doesn’t feel like a statistic; she doesn’t want to talk about option and outcomes and 20-year studies. She wants quiet and space.

Fosters 3122

One reason I think some of us love fairytales so much is that they give us a chance to fight for those we love. We can fight the mountain troll in the girls bathroom or brandish our mighty sword against the fire-spewing dragon. The things that try to hurt the people we love are tangible. We can fight them; we can protect the woman we love through our strength and courage. But cancer isn’t that kind of monster. Lena can only fight with the tools she has, knowledge, love, kindness, and determination. It’s an awful, impotent feeling. A sword would feel much better.

Fosters 3123I don’t think that’s SuperCat fanfic. I think she’s writing SuperWinn