A farewell interview with Anna Silk on the end of “Lost Girl”

Anna Silk has been on an extended farewell–or should we say Faewell?–tour. Her series Lost Girl finished filming in October 2014. Then it aired its final episode in the show’s native Canada a year later in October 2015. Now, the final eight episodes of the supernatural drama are airing in America on Syfy.

020816_AnnaSilk_1Credit: Syfy

The long goodbye has been welcome to the actress who led the series for five seasons as bisexual succubus Bo Dennis. She said the waves of recognition that have come in for the series as it airs its last episodes in different countries has been an interesting experience.

Anna spoke with us last week, a few days after her Jan. 31st birthday, about saying goodbye to Bo, how she feels about the finale and what is next for her. What follows is a spoiler-free discussion of the end of the series with questions taken mostly from reader suggestions.

AfterEllen.com: So since this may be your last interview for AfterEllen about Lost Girl, I thought we’d have the readers and the fans send in what they wanted to ask you about the end of the season and these final few episodes. So almost all of these questions are from them, and a couple are from me because–of course–I am also a fan.

Anna Silk: OK, excellent.


AE: So how does it feel, now well more than a year after filming ended, to still be in a sense saying goodbye to this show and this character?

AS: Well, it’s interesting because we did finish filming over a year ago. And we finished the show in Canada, I can’t remember exactly when it finished airing–but it wasn’t too long ago. And that kind of felt like our final farewell. But then things started here [last] Monday with the final eight episodes. So it is interesting to see what is happening on social media with people talking about Bo again.

You know, Bo is a total dream role for me. So Bo will always be a part of my life and the show will always be a part of my life. So it’s kind of nice. It’s like having two going away parties.


AE: So then how hard was it for you to leave Bo behind?

AS: It’s definitely hard, but while we were filming Lost Girl–and particularly for me in the last season–we really knew how special the show was and we recognized it in the moment. Which is hard to do in life, for anybody, but we did. We were like this is really special and we have to enjoy this fully.

And as the last season went on, as we got closer to filming the last few episodes I feel like everyone just embraced that even more. I can just tell you from personal experience of doing that, if you embrace something so fully, when it is time to say goodbye it feels more natural and like a really special goodbye rather than a trying to hold on.

I feel like for us we all miss the show for sure, and I miss Bo, but I feel like I got to fully be her and fully connect with her and fully say goodbye to her. She is just always going to be a great memory that I have forever.


AE: Which of Bo’s traits do you think were her best qualities, and which traits do you wish you possessed more of?

AS: Well, she is fiercely loyal. That was a really great quality she had; she would do anything for her friends, which is amazing. One of the things I loved about her the most is she just pushed forward even though she was really scared a lot of the time, or really unsure. That’s a quality I’ve tried to take from Bo. It’s an important life skill. Her situation was way different than mine. But I feel those were her stronger ones.


AE: As an actor, playing a character like this for this length of time, five seasons, what is the most interesting part for you–developing the character initially or seeing where she goes in the end that you find most fulfilling?

AS: You know it was all challenging and it was all rewarding. You know that first season we were all trying to figure out what the show was. Trying to find the balance between the strength of Bo and the world she lives in and also the humorous aspect of the show. That first season we were all trying to find that balance.

And then we hit our stride, I feel like. Then, you know, could we have gone another season? Of course we could have, that would have been great. But I feel also like we got to complete the story we wanted. It was all definitely challenging, but there was a certain comfort level after a while. We kind of all fell into place. It was like the first day of school every season. Everyone just found each other and said, “OK, let’s do thiswe remember what to do.” But that being said there were always challenges within writing, within filming and within the relationships you saw on screen, so that kept it very, very interesting to us.