“Arrow” recap (4.15): Take a Stand

The rest of Team Arrow shows up and Felicity, to her credit, just says that Darhk has kidnapped a little boy. Oliver jumps in to confess that it’s his son, and Laurel and Diggle are pretty shocked. But it’s then revealed that Thea, Barry Allen and Malcolm knew too, Felicity is extra pissed.

William’s mother, Samantha, arrives upstairs to the campaign office, desperate and panicking about her missing child.


She blames Oliver and says an ME named Barry Allen sent her to him. Oliver promises he’ll get William back, and when she doesn’t believe him, he confesses that he’s the Green Arrow. Because if she can keep a human child a secret for 11 years, surely she can be trusted with his secret identity. He takes her down into the Arrow Cave and introduces her to the Team, one of which she already knows: Laurel Lance.

Arrow 415-4Laurel, your gay is showing.

Samantha apologizes to Laurel for sleeping with her boyfriend, saying she was young and stupid, and says she should have been honest with Laurel, but Laurel says it was Oliver who owed her the truth.

Felicity says they need a new plan to stop Darhk since trying their old plans again would be madness, and Oliver thinks he knows who they can call in for backup: Mari McCabe, aka Vixen. He hilariously says they had an “animated” encounter last year, and that’s because they met on the CW Seed cartoon Vixen” which I have not seen, but I probably will watch ASAP. (And though it was clear there was backstory I didn’t know, I felt like they did a good job of telling us what Vixen was all about over the course of the episode.)

In Detroit, something is chasing some real scared men, growling and screeching from the darkness. One man yells, “Face us like a man” and a badass chick steps into the light and says she’ll kick his ass like a woman instead.

Arrow 415-5Hear me roar. Literally.

She channels the spirit of a rhino and tramples him, and Oliver joins her in taking down the last guys. He knows she didn’t need his help, but he needs hers.