“Arrow” recap (4.15): Take a Stand

Oliver takes Vixen to HQ, and for some reason she already knows Laurel, but he introduces her to everyone else. Vixen asks for something of William’s and sniffs the Flash action figure Samantha gives her. She’s able to track him and knows he’s still in Star City.

Everyone on the Team is given their own mission, and they split off, except Felicity and Samantha, who Oliver asks to stay in HQ and create a search profile.

Arrow 415-6I feel like everyone who steps into this room is either related to Oliver or has slept with him.

Samantha tells Felicity that it was her fault Oliver couldn’t tell Felicity, and hopes she’ll remember that Oliver wanted to tell her. Felicity should be mad at her, not Ollie.

Laurel goes to see her dad, who isn’t surprised former playboy Oliver Queen has a mini-me out there. Laurel admits that Samantha is one of the girls Oliver cheated on her with, and even though she now much prefers having milkshakes with Nyssa and living with Thea to dating Oliver, it still stings a little. But it’s nothing a hug from dad can’t fix.

Arrow 415-7Laurel needs a new love interest. Preferably Thea.

Vixen tracks William to a building, and Team Arrow goes to save him. Darhk isn’t surprised to see the Green Arrow, but it does seem that he thinks he’s just one of Oliver’s cronies and doesn’t realize it’s actually Oliver?? Anyway, Vixen drops in, and the two of them fight Darhk. They make a good team, but Darhk eventually disappears, taking William’s scent with him.

Arrow 415-8Not even the spirit of a bloodhound can help us now.

The Team reports back to HQ and Samantha is freaking out again. Darhk calls Oliver and moves up the resignation time, and Vixen feels bad. Oliver says it wasn’t his fault, and Vixen offers a good point as penance: Everyone she’s ever encountered who had magic, even her, has some sort of totem to focus it.